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Written by Johnny H   
Tuesday, 15 October 2013 03:00

Godfathers OrangeTo kick off, I’ve got a couple of confessions to make. Firstly with all the reviews of reissues and deluxe albums I’ve done in the past few weeks I’m starting to feel like I’m turning into Uber Rock’s very own version of Malcolm Dome (yup I know I already look like him…thanks), and secondly it wasn’t until I picked up this copy of The Godfathers long out of print fourth album that I finally realised the ingeniously simple way the band’s logo has the ”THE” element built into it! Call me slow if you like but honestly how many of you out there actually knew this before I told you? Go look again and suddenly all will become apparent.


The reason I mention this second point is because the great thing about reissues you didn’t get around to buying the first time around is you end up discovering new things second time around. So two decades on from me not buying it the first time around I now get to hear ‘The Godfathers’ almost like it is a new album, and in expanded format too. Result!


Originally release back in 1993, ‘The Godfathers’ otherwise known as ‘The Orange Album’ (named as such for more obvious reasons than their logo) contained a dozen Ralph Jezzard produced numbers that saw the light of day via German label IRS. On putting the first disc in the CD player the first thing that strikes me about lead track ‘Free Yourself’ is just how much Jezzard brought to the mix from his days behind the desk working for EMF, it’s got a half rapped vocal refrain that does date the tune slightly, but it’s still a decent opener, even if next rack up ‘Strange About Today’ immediately puts the rock right back into context. This tune is quite frankly awesome, built as it is on a tight but loose Stones-y guitar riff complete with “Wooh-hooin” backing vocals, this song is everything that was and still is great about The Godfathers’ music.


Talking of which when I reviewed the band’s latest album ‘Jukebox Fury’ album earlier this year I was slightly scathing about the musical nods the guys had afforded to Madchester/Britpop, but now having heard this record and in particular tracks like ‘World On Fire’, ‘Losing My Mind’, ’That’s The Way I Feel’ and ‘She Said’ this suddenly all makes sense to me, as in the case of the latter there is more than a hint of what Blur went on to be huge stars playing …so hopefully the guys can forgive me for this oversight on my part.


However as I stated at the beginning of this review this is what is great about discovering (or rediscovering) albums like this, especially when you get to hear fantastic songs like The Stooges-y album closer ‘Time Is Now’, the acerbic pop of ‘Trip On You’ and the brooding blues swagger of ‘Help Me Now’ for the first time, and in remastered sound too.


The second disc included here picks up with the previously unreleased rock n roustabout ‘I’m Gone’ which is the type of tune Jim Jones is currently ploughing his particular musical furrow playing, whilst the next four songs are all interesting demos of tracks contained on disc one (namely ‘Losing My Mind’, ‘World On Fire’, That’s The Way I feel’ and Help Me Now’), so if you are more of a casual listener this might just be a case of skipping straight to track six where ‘Free Yourself’ introduces an eight song live set recorded across various venues during 1992 and 1993.


Talking of which it’s about time I actually got out there and witnessed The Godfathers live, and god damn it if they aren’t about to head out on an eight date trek around England and Scotland at the end of this month. This album has certainly restored my faith in a band I thought perhaps were misfiring a bit with ‘Jukebox Fury’ but now with this missing piece of the band’s musical puzzle it all makes sense.


This is simply great British music, played exactly how it should be played.


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