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Written by Jamie Richards   
Tuesday, 08 October 2013 03:40

pearlhandledalbumIt’s funny how quick you can get a name for something. After being caught “tut tutting” and being generally disinterested in a seemingly abundant clutch of this new breed of ‘classic’ rock bands recently, I have been labelled inside Uber HQ as some sort of new-wave-of-classic-rock-nay-sayer, a person only too quick to roll the eye balls and mutter “oh for the love of Rainbow” at the merest hint of a skinny, immaculately bearded, vintage Levi wearing Paul Rodgers wannabee.


It’s not ‘classic’ rock that grinds my basic chord progression though, it’s more the attention to the wrong detail a lot of these current crop are insisting upon, and more so the total lack of any effort at originality or individuality; it’s like a thousand bands have put their creativity on the back burner in favour of a strange ‘new’ hybrid of Free’s soulfulness, Skynyrd’s groove-osity, and Led Zeppelin’s off kilter abandonment. It’s a blatant attempt at plagiarism, and the excuse always given is “well, there’s a market for it.” Well listen up, there’s a market for ball gags, rotten fish, and teenage heart throb One Direction types, but I never hear anyone defending that in these circles (maybe ball gags but that’s another story). Trouble is the vast majority of these bands fall so hopelessly, tragically, three-legged-greyhound-in-a-world-championship-short. It’s embarrassing, and frankly most of them seem only one knock back away from completely throwing in the towel and forming yet another cancerous tribute band.


Thank god then for Bedford homeboys Pearl Handled Revolver, for as ‘classic’ rock as this second album 'This Mountain Waits' is, it ticks off all the genuine points that a lot of their peers so haplessly miss, like the fore-mentioned and most important creativity and originality to start with.


Yes, from the eerie organ that opens the album leading into ‘Do it Again’, there is a definite ‘point’ to the existence of this album; yes it’s got a catchy riff and chorus, but there’s an attitude stamping all over it that just makes it so different, and so much slicker and cooler than an awful lot of what the ‘classic’ rock revisionists currently weighing down the genre with mediocrity are serving up.


Through the menace of the harmonica that accompanies the riff on ‘Hello Mary’ to the shuffling organ of ‘Rattle Your Bones’, all the way to the haunting melody of closing track ‘Honeycomb’ the album is full of proper edge and groove, from a band that sounds a little like Billy Gibbons singing whilst the Doors jam with The Animals.


You just know this album will confuse the hell out of the ‘safety first’ producers and playlist committees that rule our rock radio stations, who seem to be hell bent on keeping rock as beige as possible. Top marks to Pearl Handled Revolver, a new ‘classic’ rock band that takes risks, and rely on their own instincts, and come out of it covered in ragged-arse-hard-rock-glory, and sounding like they actually mean every single note.


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