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Written by Gaz E   
Wednesday, 31 October 2012 05:00

whiteshoutedSo mysterious and filled with wonderment it is at URHQ when we tear open those promo-housing jiffy bags with our crooked teeth that I come over all Arthur C. Clarke....without the scurrilous British tabloid allegations, of course.


One of the promos sent in for review that was shrouded in the most mystery came wrapped in a gauze bandage and smeared with fake blood...I hope it was fake, anyway. Peeling back the grue I discovered 'The Birth', the debut EP from The White Screamed Shout - mystery solved then...not.


A little more digging uncovered that the electro punk outfit is the Frankenstein's monster of Jack Mostro and Ginotonico (of CafeAudio), both having previously worked with Italian dance punk mentalist Bob Rifo in the Bloody Beetroots, an outfit famed for wearing Venom (arch enemy of Spider-man) masks and generally tearing shit up live.


This five track extended player - six track if you include the cool faux news story intro - sounds simply massive, a brawling mass of distorted guitar and synthesized noise. From the self-titled opener proper through to closing cut, 'Where's The Monster?', this EP impresses on levels both sonic and intelligent. It's fair, it must be said, to review it as a whole rather than as separate songs as the tracks almost dissolve into one another, making this release a true chimera of skewed soundscapes.


Vocals fall in and out of the mix, at one point a classic rock guitar solo makes a surprising appearance, as the aural anarchy lurches from wall of sound to haunted husk, so much so that fans of both twisted electronica and horror industrial will fall at its feet and succumb to its every whim.


This monster is worthy of your time, money...and soul.


To pick up your copy of 'The Birth EP [Explicit]' - CLICK HERE