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Written by Jamie Richards   
Wednesday, 17 October 2012 05:00

tidalHailing, as a lot of classic rock bands seem to these days, from deepest West Wales (there must be something in the sea air, I guess) come Tidal, and their debut album 'What Will Remain'.


As the name may suggest it's a choppy affair at times, but it's full of slick and heavy riffs, displaying a multitude of influences that, for me at least, are reminiscent of melodic thrash underdogs Death Angel among others.


Second track 'Caged Bird', for me outlines the need to maybe sharpen up lyrically, not a criticism, merely an observation - as is very often stated, less is indeed more. Fair play to the ambition shown throughout the record to be a little more than yet another band hanging on the coat tails of The Answer, the musicianship and dexterity displayed is impressive to say the least, although occasionally the change in pace and style can lead to confusion in terms of its target.


Ambition can be a dangerous thing though, and 'Rain Dance' tippy toes along the precipice between the sublime and the ridiculous; occasionally slipping into both territories, not least with its full on Derek Smalls bass line and a lyrical theme that really is a little too Tenacious D for my palate.


'Guilt Trip' is a haunting ballad fenced in with a beautiful acoustic guitar work-out, before finishing up the album with a couple of full-on rockers in the shape of 'The Tide', and probably the highlight for me, 'Flowers On The Battlefield' which again houses some great under-stated thrash influenced riffs.


All in all, a very decent self-released album.




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