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Written by Gaz E   
Sunday, 16 October 2011 05:00

haflife_nightcrawlerI'm so cheap and trashy that the rubber eyeball that came squeezed into the HafLife promo pack that turned up at URHQ didn't just ensure a fit of giggles from my good self but also a good review. Yes, that's how easily influenced I am....


....but how could I convince every reader that the band's 'Nightcrawler' album was worth checking out without giving them a bouncy body part? Happily, the record is an infectious, groovin' slice o' cool that, when slipped into the hellish hi-fi recommends itself with ease.


This kick-ass collection of songs about "sex, psychosis, serial killers and the relentless need for speed" - recorded in Sin-O-Ramic high fidelity sound - is an out-there ode to American drive-in theatres and, with its terrorifically-themed artwork and blood red splashes of between-song dialogue (complete with mid-album intermission), impresses the celluloid junkie inside of me before the songs have had time to fully mix with the claret.


The fearsome foursome - MD 20/20, Handi J, Tsar Bomba and V (I bet his autograph on a CD is killer!) - have fashioned a sound that is both cool and curio; the vocals throw up hints of Billy Gibbons and, slung into the melting pot with a legion of samples and a slew of programming, has me arriving at the conclusion that a must-listen mix of White Zombie and vintage, pre-MTV ZZ Top is probably the best way to describe this band's distinct sound.


'Junk In The Trunk' is a real highlight, fusing an infectious guitar lick to a sexy groove. That, actually, is pretty much the theme of the aural pleasures ensconced on the virtual grooves of this platter that matters. 'Buried Alive' is thick with attitude and cooler-than-thou suss, while the wonderfully-monikered 'Bon Bons & House Shoes' benefits from a cadre of horns added to great effect.


This "blood-tinged, sin-a-vicious tribute to the gore and seductive schlock of the American Drive-In theatre" came out of nowhere and, just like the best surprises, left me breathless and craving a little more excitement and chance taking in my musical life. HafLife are a curious bunch who will appeal to all music fans with open minds and a bit of a clue.