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Written by Dom Daley   
Sunday, 09 October 2011 05:30

crazyBrains230x230100 clear blue, 100 clear orange, 100 clear purple, and 100 clear yellow cassettes - each hand numbered and packaged with a download code. A little bit mental you might think. Coloured cassettes (it's hardly vinyl, is it?!), but then again how many people own a cassette player apart from us nerds, eh?

"If you're a collector get the 4-pack with four different coloured tapes and 4 different covers. If you're broke, send us $6 and we'll send you whichever cover has the band member we think you'll find most dreamy. Then you can put it on a shelf over your bed and stare wistfully at it while you all asleep." That's how the label worded this EP in the press release and what a beautiful idea.....but then having seen the pictures I'm not sure any of this four piece would make me feel "Dreamy",  not that I find Crazy and The Brains not attractive in a manly, we're buddies sort of way but....ah fuck it, you know what I mean don't you? 


Anyway onto the music; Well, that's why we're here after all. An acoustic guitar, a bass, drums, some xylophone and glockenspiel and a voice or two just about covers this rather quirky half dozen. At first you might think "What the fuck?" but on closer inspection there is certainly an addictive quality to these songs and it reminds me of back in the early '90s when I came across something called Anti-Folk and in particular a guy called Paleface who released a song called 'Burn & Rob' and I couldn't stop playing it; it drove me fucking crazy because for the 90 seconds or so the song was on I wanted to hate it but couldn't and after one or two plays I get exactly the same feeling with this release. It's throwaway and carefree but thoroughly addictive and harmless and those xylophone runs are driving me mental but because you've heard them there once they're totally integral to the songs - for fuck's sake they're the lead instrument on pretty much 90% of the tracks but that's not as crazy as it might sound. 'Let Me Go' sounds like it was found in one of Warhol's lofts and has a melody and delivery that has a nod towards VU. 'Snacks' is insane from the backing vocals lifted from 'Wild One' in melody (try singing the lyrics over the top and you'll see) but again it's as addictive as the topic in the song crazy but I'm loving it.

If you want something outside the mainstream and something you know you shouldn't like but do then Crazy & The Brains are for you because it sounds so crazy - I'll repeat it for you; yup, they use acoustic guitars, xylophones, glockenspiels, bass, drums and some voices and that's about it. 

Check out their crazy anti-folk vibe and get yourselves converted, you know you want to, and once you're in there ain't no getting out, other than out of your mind and for those who think this crazy shit has no place on Uber Rock I can only laugh and say a rousing fuck you! This is exactly the kind of outside the box rock 'n' roll people need. Insane and addictive no doubt about it.  Would love to hear this band follow up this EP with the same songs but played with a spanking electric guitar over the top of it. Magical, catchy, clever but above all good bloody songs! Honestly.