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Written by Dom Daley   
Friday, 07 October 2011 05:30

disconnects230x230Possibly the best record label name to hit us this year, or any other for that matter, and the weirdos have managed to put their releases out on cassette! 


Yup, you read that right - cassettes, boys and girls. 150 on Bone Gray and 100 on Clear Red - How exciting is that shit? (ok so they also come with a download link but it's the old skoolness that matters and kudos is definitely called for). Vinyl is still king and you'll never replace the feeling of pulling that slab of plastic out of the jacket and settling the needle into the groove ready for some wonderful music to come wafting across the airwaves, but cassettes making a comeback? I ain't so sure peeps. 

The first release to grab my attention is from New Jersey punk rockers The Disconnects and how fuckin' happy was I when the opening few bars of 'Stranger' kicked out the jams on my death decks? Well, let me tell you, this is top notch spirit of '77 punk rock if ever there was any. Snarling and sneering like they've been mainlining L.A.M.F. then chugging a bottle of young, loud and snotty and doing it whilst wearing Joey's leather jacket and Dee Dee's Cons, all covered in Iggy's peanut butter. Two fucking minutes and I was hooked. I was only disappointed to see there were only six tracks on this here EP because the quality is as strong as an ox and tracks like 'Bomb Drop' are as good as it gets....and it's not quite all one dimensional, these boys have variety too. I don't know what deal these East Coast boys did down on the crossroads but it sure as shit was worth it.

The pace kicks back on 'Hopesick' and has me thinking of all things magical like Travis Bickle giving a lift through pre-1984 Times Square and giving a huge middle finger to the Riffs and the Turnbull AC's because that's how these Neptune City, NJ bad boys roll. By the time we cross into side two (nice) 'Livin' In The USA' is about as good as this genre gets for swagger and snarl and, with biting lyrics for Uncle Sam, is one of the best songs I've had the pleasure of thundering down my lugholes all year (I kid you not).

If you're looking for something old skool yet fresh then there's no need to search anymore because Uber Rock has found the band for you. Records (or should that read cassettes) like this prove that some bands were sitting up and taking notice of what's gone on before them and they have absorbed all that is good and, by the sound of this short player, it is coursing through every sinew of their bodies. The Disconnects might just be my new favourite band. Respect these kool kats and check 'em out, you most definitely won't regret it - I haven't.