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Written by Johnny H   
Saturday, 24 October 2009 14:10


GRAND_DESIGN_-_TIME_ELEVATIONGrand Design is the product of one Pelle Saether's musical imagination.  Pelle is the ex-Schizophrenic Circus vocalist, producer/engineer and soon to be heralded modern day melodic rock genius if 'Time Elevation' is anything to go on. Heavily influenced by the recent successes of bands like The Poodles and musically by the likes of The Scorpions and perhaps more relevantly Def Leppard, the ten tracks contained within 'Time Elevation' are a subtle reminder of a time when music was big, musician's hair was bigger and production budgets were bloody enormous.


Bringing together current Wolf drummer Richard Holmgren and ex-Vanessa guitarist Peter Ledin, this core trio of musicians started writing songs with the word 'anthems' firmly in the forefront of their minds, and it is on anthems like 'Air It Out', 'Hello Mr Heartache' and album opener 'Love Sensation' that the enormity of the band's sound and the overall production values really hit home. Add in bass from Anders Modd and extra guitars from ex-Steel Attack man Dennis Vestman to the mix and things really start to shine.


'Sad Sound Of Goodbye' is built around a refrain not a million miles away from one of a certain band from Sheffield's finer moments and 'No Time For Love' has Steve 'Steamin' Clark's signature guitar sound down to a tea.


My only slight criticism of this album is that there are certain times when Pelle's voice enters Hamie from Heavy Pettin' territory and, as you might recall, Hamie's somewhat nasal voice was something of an acquired taste. But let's not be too critical here, this is the sound of five guys doing what they love, producing huge swathes of Eighties arena rock that when it's as good as tracks like 'Piece Of The Action' and 'Sheik Iddup' you can't help but smile from ear to ear.


If you are a fan of Eighties arena rock, this album sets the benchmark for bands playing it in the 21st Century. And if somewhere in your album collection you happen to posses a copy of Def Leppard's 'Hysteria', I can assure you, that you really will love 'Time Elevation'.