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Written by Dom Daley   
Saturday, 17 October 2009 22:57


1octIf you've never familiarised yourself with Bullets And Octane then where the hell have you been? Go onto Myspace, turn your speakers up and put on 'Never Going Down' now!.....


There, I bet you're gutted now that you've not got all these tunes already. One thing this release does is introduce new converts to the Bullets cause. In a very credit crunch busting package, two fuckin' slabs of hard rock for the price of one -value indeed. "But is it any good?" I hear you say. Of course it's good, in fact it isn't just good, it is fuckin banging! Hard rockin' riffs, catchy choruses played by a band who sound like they walk the walk and talk the talk.  All this rock spat out by one firecracker of a frontman who can sing with the best of them. 


It doesn't matter if it be balls out rock like on 'Alive' or sung with a twist like on 'The Perfect Bitch'. For the life of me I can't understand an industry where proper frontmen should be championed and put on the front of magazines from Townhill to Timbuktoo....but aren't. In a world where Papa Roach can sell millions of albums yet Bullets are on their 4th release and still fighting to keep their heads above water. I sometimes just don't get it. Is there no justice in rock n roll or is being undiscovered some sort of badge of honour and only the cool people get to know about bands this damn good? Buckcherry are tagged "the next great rock n roll band",  but that can't be true because Gene Louis' mob are the next big thing, surely?


Anyway we can all catch these bad boys on tour in the UK and US with Gunfire 76 over the next few months and pick up a copy of this album. Honestly, it's something you won't regret as there are anthems aplenty here; full of fist pumping solid rock from a band that should be headlining over bands who get front cover headlines in all the mags, while Bullets And Octane just go about their business every minute of every day! I struggle to pick out a favourite song on offer here because there are so many, in fact that might be a criticism; Hell, there are so many awesome songs to get through it's tiring. Once you've got this album go and check out Gene Louis' other project called Sex And Violence for some in your face punk rock and then you'll wonder where you've been all this time......and from one guy so much has already been given, it would be rude if you didn't check it out. It'll kick you in the bollocks for fun, flick you the V sign then strut off laughing whilst you're wondering what was that for. Bullets and Octane rock! Thats a fact, now what are you waiting for?