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Written by Johnny H   
Thursday, 08 October 2009 11:03

thehickeyunderworldWhen you take your name from a Nations of Ulysses song title, then you are setting your musical bar pretty high in the expectations stakes pretty early on. I mean, you don't fuck around when you have musical points of reference like that. So I'm very glad to report that Belgium's The Hickey Underworld most certainly aren't fucking around. 


Building their sound around a loose framework of what I consider 'quality' Indie bands like The Strokes and Deus and bolstering that with hints of Nirvana and Jesus Lizard, the ten tracks on offer on this Das Pop produced self titled debut album are both fiery and refreshing in their delivery, and in single 'Blonde Fire', with its controversial video, and Brazilian horror themed band website, the band have a track ready in waiting for Jo Whiley to have orgasms over.


But this is not a one track album in any sense of the matter; 'Mystery Bruise' recalls fellow countrymen Deus' more rockier outputs and 'Flamencorpse' has a Nirvana meets 'Holy Bible' era Manics seal of approval from this writer.


Musical points of reference within reviews are an unfortunate bi-product of the industry these days, and I'd love to just say "Buy this as it sounds like nothing else you'll buy in 2009" but then how many people would do just that? Not many, I'm sure.


The six minutes plus 'Of Asteroids And Men Plus Added Wizardry' and album opener 'Zero Hour' are, for me, perhaps the album's standout track,s having a reassuringly underground and edgy feel to their delivery that teeters somewhere between NY punk/glam/new wave and post hardcore in an orgy of self deprecation and discordant melody.


When a band takes this much time and pride in everything they produce I should take the time to issue a word of warning to Uber Rock Soldiers wanting an easy forty minutes listening - please don't go within a million miles of this album. The Hickey Underworld really want to fuck with your head. And that's a great thing.


Think once, think twice, think The Hickey Underworld. But please do think!