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Written by Dom Daley   
Thursday, 08 October 2009 09:56

1newdevice'Make My Day'. Nah, it's not Clint Eastwood waving round his Colt 45, but the lead track from the debut album from Brit hard rockers New Device. 


If I were to say big fat chunky meaty riffs underpinned with some equally big tub thumping and delivered in a slick classic rock sound (take 'On Fire' for example), all led by lead throat Daniel Leigh who, might I add, on this evidence is a singer on a mission....and that mission is to rock with the best of them. 


I'm not really sure what category these fellas will fall into because they're certainly not glam or sleazy, but they aren't mega metal either. There are, however, parts of all the afore-mentioned in this melting pot. There are some moments on offer here of great playing and a decent riff or two. Highlight for me is when they get mellow on 'In The Fading Light' - they sound mature and like they've been around for a while and not like a brand new band at all. The song is like something Shy might have written in their pomp, even if the lead guitar line is from the Slash 'November Rain' stable. This track has a decent melody and chorus and isn't at all pompous.


'Takin' Over' is an album played through a very slick and "Big" production with a definite feel of Britishness on offer. Contradicting that slightly, these boys wouldn't sound out of place on tour with USA bad boys like Papa Roach; still with me? Maybe there lies the problem - whilst this is a decent album, will New Device end up being your favourite band? That I'm not so sure of,   but they can rock out and deliver a mellower tune with great effect so maybe there is more to come from these boys.