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Written by Darrel Sutton   
Wednesday, 07 October 2009 07:15


cover_the_earthThis has to be the singular most difficult review I have ever written.  Being purveyors of some of the most off the wall hardcore punk ever released and with a huge back catalogue you'd expect an album of cover versions by Meatmen to be a fairly straightforward affair......fucking wrong. 


It would appear that main Meatman Tesco Vee has fairly eclectic and varied taste, resulting in a collection of songs which is bizarre and covering so many genres it's hard to recommend the album as a whole to anyone really.  That's not saying it's a bad album.  All the songs are faithful, very well played versions but if you're a fan of Hardcore, Punk or Metal you'll be struggling to find anything that will hold your interest for any period of time. 


tv_throb_lgElaborating on the variety on the album, everything kicks of with 'Meatman' (of course) by Jerry Lee Lewis. Also in there are two Black Randy and the Metrosquad numbers, 'Vibrator' by Motorhead, and 'So Long' by Abba.... see what I mean.  And they are all good versions, it's just, much like Poison Idea's 'Pyjama Party' covers collection, variety can be detrimental if you cover too many different styles.  A few more flat out ragers might have been better.  The other thing bugging me about this album is I really wanted to like this, but I don't.  I mean Meatmen have a pretty big legacy and are basically fucking mental, so whilst I can't falsely claim to like an album I don't fancy a kicking should I ever come across them in the flesh.  So here's my apology and plea for leniency in advance.  "Thanks Guys"


On a lighter note do check out the cover, seriously un-PC, but typical Meatmen.  Also check out Tesco Vee's Throbblehead, it pisses all over GG Allin's.