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Written by Johnny H   
Wednesday, 07 October 2009 07:08


oliveriWhen you've spent almost the best part of the last twenty years of your life touring the world, writing and recording with some of the most adventurous (Kyuss) and controversial (The Dwarves) bands know to humanity you can almost be forgiven for locking yourself away at home for a year and recording a ten track acoustic covers (well nine covers and one new original) album.  It must be like some kind of cathartic chaos cleansing therapy after such a long time at the very edge of sanity.


Well that's exactly what one time Queens of the Stone Age bassist/vocalist Nick Oliveri has done here with 'Death Acoustic'.  Sitting comfortably alongside his Mondo Generator output the tracks on offer here continue the vibe witnessed at his Uncontrollable shows with Dwarves mainman Blag Dahlia when they last hit the UK in September 2006. 


Flicking effortlessly between angst ridden tracks like (Raw Power's) 'Start a Fight' with its 'Fuck You' polemic, and more standard rock n roll tracks like (Kyuss') 'Love Has Passed Me By' (which incidentally somehow manages to sound a hell of a lot like Gluecifer done acoustically).  It's on the 'Rex Everything' alter ego delivery of tracks like (Moistboyz) 'U Blow' (Mondo Generator's) 'Unless I Can Kill' and (Oliveri Original)'Invisible Like The Sky' that Nick really pushes the envelope of what you'd expect for an Acoustic album and you start getting a little uneasy having this intense energy fucking up your head.


'Dairy Queen',' Follow Me' and 'I'm Gonna Leave You' pay tribute and retell tales from Nick's illustrious musical career. And (Misfits) 'Hybrid Moments' has more than a hint of a Phil Spector's Wall of Sound underneath this faithful and reverential version. The album finishes up with GG Allin's 'Outlaw Scumfuc', which rather strangely seems almost autobiographical when given Nick's own imitable style of delivery.


As a musician your career can take many twists and turns and many highs and lows, so to be able to step back from the everyday job of entertaining and pleasing other people and deliver thirty minutes of songs you love in an intimate setting just for the hell of doing just that, is something that should be applauded, very loudly.