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Written by Dom Daley   
Monday, 30 October 2017 04:00

Wolf Wolf artworkThe lyrics "you're twisting my melon man" spring to mind when listening to the twisted rock ‘n’ roll of Wolf Wolf. Think Tom Waits meets The Cramps meets Muddy Waters meets a whole bunch of hallucinogenic mind-bending drugs and you might be on the same astral trajectory as Wolf Wolf.


Kicking off with 'Monster', you get the full twisted blues experience in a fairly straightforward way - but these cats are easing you gently into their twisted web. Follow that up with a banjo plucking twisted fuzzed up bunch of drama 'The Blind Butcher': calling it garage blues trash is fairly apt, to be fair, because this will reel you in and play with your senses (all in a good way I think).


'Creeps Of The World' and 'Grave Digger' would certainly meet the approval of the dearly missed Mr Interior himself, and then you have the twisted gipsy blues of 'Linzer Walzer' that could easily have fallen off an Urban Voodoo Machine record no question at all.


'Roswel 47' has a bit of bite to its twistedness and so it goes on for the full fourteen tracks with the penultimate track having a touch of the white stripes about it 'Back From The Dead' sounds wholely appropriate. 'Goodnight Daylight' is a Halloween must play to all who live outside the norm and creates a dark beautiful noise.


If you're a fan of any of the bands/singers/styles I've mentioned then jump in and give yourself over to the melon twisting sound of Wolf Wolf: you'll thoroughly enjoy their twisted wares. I won't pretend to get it, but I love the fact that bands have the balls to strike it alone and create such a fucked up sound - and manage to get it across to us mere mortals. Check it out!


‘The Cryptid Zoo’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.




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