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Written by Dom Daley   
Wednesday, 25 October 2017 04:00

Grande Royale artworkAnyone for some mighty fine Scandi rock ‘n’ roll a la Hellacopters? Then step right up folks, because Grande Royale have the chops a plenty and are following in the footsteps of their peers and giving them a damn fine run for their money on this impressive record.


'Know It All' sets their marker in the sand and 'Brake Light' follows suit with a sprightly energetic old-school chunk of rock with that familiar ‘70s feel; sure it's polished, and has that warm analogue glow with the Flying Vs added for good measure along with the harmonious backing vocals, but it’s done really well and the song are decent.


They drop a few gears midway through the record with 'Live With Your Lie', which has all the radio suss you could wish for, then back it up with some air guitar shape throwers dreamwork on 'Daily Illusion', which has so much ‘70s satin and tassles it’s getting weighed down.


'Got To Move' has me thinking Aerosmith on the intro, but it quickly takes off with a pacey groove. The tail end of the record really does gather pace and gets its groove on. 'One Second' is punchy and one of the best songs on offer here, but 'RnR Business' is really confident and a great way to rock out this album before the showstopper of 'I'm On The Loose': with all its duelling guitars and big city riffs, it's a fine way to close this album.


Grande Royale is the name and rock n roll is their game, so go fill yer satin jacketed pockets and big boots with this: you'll love it if you dig them Hellacopters and some Thin Lizzy-inspired rock; damn, they even hit that cowbell on the outro like it’s never been hit, all whilst the guitars duel it out - sweet stuff!


‘Breaking News’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


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