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Written by Nick Russell   
Tuesday, 24 October 2017 04:20

Venom Inc artworkWhen we look back through those misty rose tinted glasses, there is no doubt that Venom’s first three albums set a marker, nay blueprint, for heavy metal, specifically the extreme end of the spectrum.  ‘Welcome to Hell’ was released in 1981(!), ‘Black Metal’ in 1982 and At War With Satan’ in 1984, and amazing records for that time. Even listening to them now, they hold their place as classics. But being brutally honest, after that, I’m not sure they’ve ever lived up to those initial records. Thirty-six years on from that debut album, we find the original band splintered into two factions – Cronos with the original name, Abaddon and Mantas giving us their satanic spin on things by adding the Inc on the end. Subsequently, this is actually Venom Inc.’s debut album, but how will it hold up against history?


‘Ave Satanas’ starts with the requisite spooky intro before it continues as mid-placed plodder, with more than a nod to ‘At War With Satan’. ‘Forged In Hell’ has a riff that sound like it comes from one the early Dio albums, a more traditional rocker. ‘Metal We Bleed’ ups the pace to those Motorhead levels they were always compared to, very hackneyed lyrics but pretty good. ‘Dein Fleisch’ has a nice chugging riff and yes, it does sound a bit Rammstein in style. ‘Blood Stained’ is a slower song but sounds quite heavy whilst ‘Time To Die’ is an all-out thrasher.


Yet another Dio-like riff appears on ‘The Evil Dead’ as it stomps along before the most un-Venom sounding song appears in the form of ‘Preacher Man’, which is more of a hard rock song. Normal Venom like service resumes with ‘War’, ‘I Kneel To No God’ is another plodder. The album finishes with ‘Black’n’Roll’ which starts of promising but descends into utter mediocrity. Musically it’s passable but the lyrics are just made up of song titles from across the whole rock spectrum, examples being ‘Number Of the Beast’, ‘Back In Black’, ‘Rock n Roll’, ‘Livin’ After Midnight’, you get the idea. And to top it off, their brief attempt at humour right at the end just isn’t funny in this day and age, dreadful.


Overall the album has a decent modern clear sound, unfortunately the songs just sound like Venom of old (but not completely classic) with a better production. Maybe it’s a reflection of the extreme music I listen to these days, but Venom used to be leaders of the pack, nowadays with the likes of Behemoth and Gorjira, the Inc. version are just treading water.



We often laud the likes of AC/DC, Motorhead, Slayer, for keeping their sound within a fairly tight framework, and never really straying from that. Venom Inc. basically try to do the same but ultimately fail as they just aren’t as good as the aforementioned.  Very disappointing.


Sorry, but I’m just not ‘ave’-ing it, time for trip down a darkened memory lane!


‘Avé’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


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