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Written by Gerald Stansbury   
Tuesday, 24 October 2017 04:00

Electric Street Queens artworkAnyone remember reading Flipside and discovering bands like the NY Loose, Candy Snatchers, Satan’s Cheerleaders, etc.? The Electric Street Queens would have been right at home in the pages of Flipside with this sleazy, punk infused second album. Raw, primal music that taps into the wild, debauchery filled spirit of rock n roll and darkness.


The pounding drums and guitar that introduce the album give way to a screamed first line of the verse which for some reason made me think of ‘Licensed to Ill’ era Beastie Boys for that moment, and we are underway with ‘Hot Pants from Hell.’ The guitar riff leading the song is simple but effective in getting the body moving to the beat. Coco shows an early ability to mix some screams with her singing which sets up expectations nicely for what follows. The chanting vocal at the end is also a nice touch. ‘Thigh High’ comes on as an agitated punk and roller with a simple hook that can create an easy sing along hook, but the beat and the riff by Bobby Abraham are what really stick with me. It is easy to see why they made this one a video from the album. Another band that came to mind was the Peeps from Arizona who played in this same musical pool back in the 90’s. ‘Cruisin’ features more screaming vocals from Coco with another catchy rhythm under the surface.


A lot of people will likely make opinions on this album around the vocals, but I quite honestly cannot imagine them any other way. Coco sounds possessed, and that can only be a good thing. ‘Teenage Death Girls’ features spoken word vocals through the verses before the rage returns. By now, you have probably also realized that the lyrics are about fun and not long expositions on politics. ‘Don’t Drink the Devil’s Blood’ builds that sound advice around a cool beat and riff. The bass work by Reba McEntire is on point throughout the album.  Her work combined with the drumming and percussion of Randy Saturday prevent things from going off the rails. 


Just past the halfway point in what seems like the blink of an eye, ‘Cat Called’ comes forward with a riff straight out of the Runaways and oozes attitude throughout the song. Headbanging is not options here; it is compulsive with bouts of air guitar. ‘I Hate You Baby’ is another winner based on a hard blues shuffle leading into a final stretch of the song that quickens the pace creating what might be my favorite from the album.


‘Trash Bopper’ continues the sonic assault with a blend of spoken and sung vocals through the verses until the raging screamed chorus. I have found that I definitely prefer to play the whole album at once and do not seem to be cherry picking songs when I return to the album. The epic ‘Cheap Thrills’ closes the album on a great note. It is a nice touch to thank the listener and introduce the band as well as it winds down and begs for another listen.


This album is not going to break into the mainstream and sell ten million copies, but the band and producer Avi Paul Weinstein have created a vital piece of music that will continue to be played by me for years to come. If there is ever a third volume in the ‘R.A.F.R.’ compilation series, the Electric Street Queens have reserved their space now. Check them out now and put them on your list of bands to continue to watch. Time to start the album over again!


‘Queen Sized’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.




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