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Written by Hannah Reid   
Monday, 23 October 2017 04:00

Lost Without Cause Revival Cover ArtLost Without Cause are a three-piece band from south east England, and were founded just over 13 years ago. Since then they have played with some big names in music and some of the most iconic venues in England – and they’ve also been featured on MTV2 with their talent initiative programme which brought in interviews and live performances.


Their latest EP, ‘Revival’, is a four-track release including four catchy and upbeat songs that have you nodding and wanting to move around your seat from the beginning.


Setting the tone, with ‘Breathe’ starts off with vocals and a little bit of bass in the background before gradually everything else starts coming in and building it up. It’s a catchy song that as it gets more and more into it you find yourself singing along, wanting to hear more, but it’s also a good starting track to this because of the passion that comes off from it, and it’s one that you know if this is what they do with the opening song, you know it’s going to be a good album.


‘Depleted’ is next up, and it feels a little more upbeat than the first song, but still manages to stay true to how the whole thing feels together. It feels like a song that has a little bit of a hidden meaning within it from their lyrics, and it’s not quite all what it seems. The guitars and drum beats within it are toe-tapping and you can’t help but do so as you listen along.


‘Teardrops and Cigarettes’ is the third track and the start begins a little slower to the songs before it, giving you a chance to catch your breath again if you’ve been dancing to the first two. It’s a nice little change put in there which seems a little mellower than the rest of the album with some nice guitar breaks in the middle of the song before they quickly pick back up for a climactic final chorus, joined with some more vocals.


The final track, ‘Another End’, I find plays off the mellower beginning that ‘Teardrops and Cigarettes’ had before picking right back up where the first two songs had wanted to continue – and it’s a wise choice for the album as a whole, because it brings the album full circle and makes everything connect together. With a little music trailing off at the end of the track it gets you excited for more music that’s waiting to come after it, and you can tell that this is a band that know how to put music and songs together and make everything work.


The whole EP is a little package of brilliance that you can’t help but want to move and sing along to as you listen. The smile I had on my face as I listened, and even wrote this, was genuine because it was nice to hear a band that you could feel the passion coming through the music.


‘Revival’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.




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