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Written by Nick Russell   
Wednesday, 18 October 2017 04:20

LimbonicArt SpectreAbysm CoverNorway’s Limbonic Art were amongst those first pioneering bands to emerge from the fjords on the so-called second wave of black metal. Whilst not being as renowned as the more household names like Burzum, Mayhem, Emperor, they still hold a vital place in the history of the genre. Nearly 25 years on from that heady period, we find the band releasing their eighth album, ‘Spectre Absym’.


Normally I find black metal can go one of two ways: scratchy guitars with tinny drums or full, fat and grandiose tones a la Dimmu or Cradle. Opener ‘Demonic Resurrection’, and indeed the rest of the album, takes the later path, 10 plus minutes of fast blasting riffs and drums, just how I like my BM. There’s a slight lowering of the pace to begin with on ‘Ethereal Traveler’, still lots of kick drums but then it gallops off in a hail of speedy BM riffs. ‘Omega Doom’ keeps the high speed attack going, whilst having some interesting parts that break the song up.


Then there’s a doomy interlude of ‘Requiem Sempiternam’ followed by the full-on symphonic tilt, complete with gothic choral vocals, of ‘Triumph of Sacrilege’, very fast. ‘Disciplina Arcani’ has an altogether spookier feel to it, not unlike something from King Diamond, including a portion at the end that sounds like the Tardis! The album finishes with a drum beat that sounds more like a battle cry for rowers on a long boat. Epic in title, ‘Through The Vast Produnity Obscure’ is equally epic in nature and a great way to finish off the record.


A rather good album then, full of screeching vocals, ultra-fast picked riffs and blasting drumming, actually made by a drum machine no less, modern technology has certainly moved on. And as with a lot of BM bands, it’s kept interesting by varying the pace in places and creating a suitably grand atmosphere, it sounds fast and heavy in equal measures.


Now, where’s me corpse paint!?


‘Spectre Absym’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


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