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Written by Dave Prince   
Tuesday, 17 October 2017 04:20

REVOLUTION-SAINTS-litd-COVER-ltd 600x600This album will come under a lot of scrutiny due to it being the first to be released that features Deen Castronovo since his troubles over the last few years.  Anyway, as usual, we are here to talk about the music and that is what we will do.


One thing that grabbed me with the title track, and actually the album as a whole, is the vocal interplay between Deen has with Jack Blades - which due to the latter's voice is very reminiscent of his work with Night Ranger and Damn Yankees. Dual vocals is one thing I miss these days in rock music, and here it takes the songs to another level.


With ‘Freedom’ apparently inspired by Deen's brush with rehab, you'd be forgiven to think it would be a sloppy song, but what you have is a hard mid paced rocker of a track that gives hope through adversity.


‘Ride On’ is up next and rock my socks off! This album is the kind that needs to be played loud with the windows down. The ballad ‘Wouldn't Change A Thing’ belies its over six minute timing. The song is a tear jerker in every sense of the word, from the lush piano to the muted guitar and strings. A hit song if ever I heard one, and quite possibly the best Journey song Journey never recorded. Deen's vocal on this is quite something.


This album proves that classic melodic rock is still alive and doing extremely well.  The band are metaphorically on fire. The classic blends effortlessly with the present here that the band and Frontiers should be so proud of what they have created.


The great thing about Revolution Saints is that while the door is open for them by their past associations with bands like Bad English, Hardline, Journey, the aforementioned Night Ranger and Damn Yankees, along with Whitesnake and Dio, the music here stands up by its own right and shows that Deen Castronovo, Jack Blades and Doug Aldrich certainly have the magic touch.


Although the term “super group” is branded around these days like a bad thing, here it is a good thing as this band is indeed super! I just hope that they find the time in their busy schedules and tour this album as that is how people need to hear this music – in the raw flesh. Now that would be something to get excited about.


‘Light In The Dark’ is out now. You can buy your copy HERE.


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