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Written by Dom Daley   
Wednesday, 18 October 2017 04:00

Bronx V artworkYou know when you see a teaser for a new album coming out, and its months away and you get kinda disappointed, no matter how good you know the record is going to be? Well, that's 'V' that is.  I first got a glimpse of the new Bronx record several months ago, and already I couldn't wait to hear it… then, when I have it in my hands, it’s everything and more that I wanted it to be.  Its sharp, fresh, totally Bronx (if that makes any sense?), not totally Bronx (if that makes any sense either?): you know the drill.


When the needle drops on 'Night Drop At The Glue Factory', there is no messing about; we’re straight in there with a rush of adrenalin and a fire in the belly… it’s all happening in a typically frantic pace. I love it when you reach the breakdown and you think it's a chance for you to catch your breath: but - ha! ha! - it's not gonna last that long my friend! We're off again exploding towards the finish line - and then you can breathe!  But don't take too long: 'Stranger Danger' is up and running with a menace and purpose as Matt declares that he's a killer let him be who he is! And I don't doubt it for a minute.  There is so much going on, and so much to revel in, there isn't enough time here to really expand, except to say this is shaping up - and it’s only track two!


'Side Effects' has a huge change of pace as the drums lead the song with a fantastic tub-thumping rhythm before the melody just soars - and all of a sudden we have The Bronx singing a stunning pop song (is there nothing these guys can't do?). The change of pace is the sound of a band totally confident in anything they do.  Another side step is the more aggressive 'Fill The Tanks'; but another melodic foray is coming in the shape of 'Channel Islands', with a heap of melody and some great - dare I say it - lite guitar playing: there I've done it! Cue the hardcore purists scrambling for the exits.  Open your minds people, like Matt and the boys have - expand those horizons, because to survive the Bronx need to keep moving: stand still and it’s game over, and one thing you certainly can't say about 'V' is this is not the sound of a band standing still.  'Two Birds' is gonna mess with your head more than any other song on this album, with Beach Boys-like backing vocals and a Damned-like guitar solo and a groove (yup, I said groove) that is born out of San Fran in the ‘60s: this is superb!


All those stuck in a rut hardcore heads can re-enter the room now, because 'Sore Throat' is the no-nonsense Bronx doing what Bronx do exceptionally well, and that's kill a hardcore tune for the next two and a half minutes, until either Matt bursts one of those main veins in his neck whilst barking out the words or my turntable catches fire.  The best thing about 'V' is the fact that Bronx have expanded their pallet and mixed up the colours yet totally owned what they are doing and remained totally Bronx.  I love it when they just turn things up and go for it, but it's one the more diverse songs like 'Cordless Kid' and 'Two Birds' that will take this band to the next level and give them a wider fanbase, and hopefully bigger venues and more music.



If this is a band mellowing out and/or growing up, then long may it continue because, no matter what they take on, they are better than most at doing it.  In 2017 this should, no doubt about it, be towards the prizes at any end of the year award ceremony.  Absolutely superb effort: fill yer boots Über Rockers, 'V' is in the house and it’s a beauty. Oh, and stick it out because there is a hidden track at the end that's as good a pop-punk song as anything Green Day write and ends it on such a bright note: who saw that coming?


‘Bronx V’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


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