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Written by Gerald Stansbury   
Wednesday, 11 October 2017 04:00

The Plastic Tones artworkThe Plastic Tones, from Finland, are a brand new band to my ears, with this album featuring five new songs plus five CD bonus tracks that were on previous singles. I originally intended to devote some time to this back at the end of August, but Hurricane Harvey altered those plans here in Texas. The resulting chaos moved a few other releases ahead of this one, and I am glad I gave it a little more time.   


‘Don’t Forget’ opens the album as a solid power pop song and sounds like a song released entirely in the wrong era, which is okay with me. The song doesn’t have the rough edges that I imagine it might live, with the crowd singing the chorus and bouncing to the music. One of the bands that came to mind throughout this album was a meaner Go-Go’s. ‘Arial’ continues along the same path with some hints of perhaps the catchier side of the Cure. As the song gains speed, I was reminded of an underground band from not too long ago called the Pleasure Kills.


After a slow intro adds some more diversity to the album, ‘Blue Citroen’ comes to life with a magical chorus that really lifts the song to another level. ‘Shanghai’ doesn’t grab me like the previous songs, and I caught myself drifting on to different things for a minute. When ‘Laundry Day’ first played, my first thought was that might be the only song I know with that in the title. The band make it a memorable one with a nice melody, but I really wish it had a bit more guitar in it before the spoken word vocal part.



The bonus songs begin with the near six-minute ‘Candy March,’ which incorporates more distorted guitar than I heard on the five main songs. The tempo changes and rawness really make this one standout as an epic. The band will likely be playing this one for a long time to come. ‘Eyes’ follows and unfortunately really doesn’t connect with me in any way. ‘Boring Party’ turns things back around for me with its bouncy power pop. It strikes me as another song where I imagine the live version is so much better, but this is a solid studio recording. ‘More Trouble’ provides some more texture with its opening riff. It becomes apparent that the band had more guitar on the earlier recordings than they do on the brand new tracks. It will be interesting to see how they balance things on their next release.


The Plastic Tones have made me want to continue to check out what they do, and I am curious to hear where they go from here. I consider that a success in my book. I definitely recommend giving this a listen to anyone interested in the Power Pop genre as I am sure this will not be the last time you see their name.


‘Wash Me With Love’ is out now. You can get you copy HERE.


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