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Written by Dom Daley   
Thursday, 05 October 2017 04:00

Suspect Parts artworkOK pop pickers, I didn't see this bad boy coming - but as soon as I had a sniff I was all over it like a cheap suit.  A former Role Model guitar slinger, a Radio Dead One, a Brief and a Maniac to namedrop some of the bands these playas have graced.   It was a no-brainer that I had to get myself a copy of this record, and as soon as it arrived I dropped the needle and marvelled in its glory.  


Jangly power pop with that smart punk rock n roll for good measure and just about as much melody as is legal.  'Madmen With Guns' is up first, and already I'm satisfied with my purchase - and that's after just one glorious multi-layered harmonious chorus done.  So, they've borrowed the guitar lick from Blondie: that only makes me love this more.  Awesome opener and’ as 'Electrify Me Honey' slam dances its punky boney ass into my speaker, all’s well in the universe - and that's before the bass throbbing breakdown.  


This is one of those insane records you can just play to death and get blown away by the pop-smart melodies housed in the tough punk rock exterior.  These boys should tour Europe with Role Models and make everybody happy and sell bucketloads of records.


'Alright With Me' has some Ray Davies going on, and its gentler pace is only making me love this more. The potential power pop hits just keep coming, and people who crave the authentic ‘70s classic sound will be bowled over by 'Run For Your Life'. Let's not kid ourselves here: these guys know what they're doing. They've been in this biz long enough to work out what works and have the combined ability to pen ten stone cold classics… 'No One From Knowhere' is just another whilst 'Change Your Mind' is all about the killer harmonies and reaching back into the ‘60s for inspiration: it is another feather in the cap. 


By the time I get to the album closer, 'Overdrive', I'm feeling a little sad and blue that that's  it: done, finito, kaput - but then I realise I can flip it over and do it all again.


If you are looking for a feelgood album to banish the oncoming winter blues then this is your baby.  ‘Suspect Parts’ by Suspect Parts is everything, and more, that you'd want it to be and anyone who has a soft spot or love for power pop or punk-pop or whatever you want to label it… I'll just say that it’s one of the best releases this year: no doubt about it.


‘Suspect Parts’ is released tomorrow (Friday 6 October).  You can get your copy HERE.


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