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Written by Dom Daley   
Tuesday, 03 October 2017 04:20

Volcanics artworkYou want some full tilt bullshit free rock ‘n’ roll with a whole heap of attitude and plenty of bollocks? Well, step right up and catch a whole heap of this bad boy. 


The Volcanics hail from Perth, Australia, way down under (of course they do), but they've obviously been schooled in a whole load of the good and the great from those Stooges and Mc5 from the US of A as well as I'd imagine the likes of hard rockers like Lemmy and Phil Lynott for starters.  But, these boys, also harness some of their own homegrown greats for good measure: it's not like Australia is lacking in great garage rock and rollers or straight up good bands.


They're not one trick ponies either: it's not all about just rockin' out and making an unholy noise, because early doors songs like 'Chain' have it going on, sure. It's dripping in attitude, but this record has swing and swagger and a tonne of energy going on.  'Cryin' Feet' is like a freight train as it drives towards those cool gang vocals.  'All The People' is more of the same, with a great groove that builds from just bass and drums, with some guitar work sort of happening over there, then towards the chorus it joins up before kicking back. Then it just rips on 'We Don't'.


By the halfway point and 'Speed On The Track' hits the speakers, it opens up with some riffage handed down by Chuck Berry: it's immediately joined by some really cool barroom boogie on the ivories that really lift the song and offer something else to the flow of the album; it sounds effortless, like these guys were born to rock - and rock they shall.


To follow up the rock 'n' roll it would be nice for 'Eyes On A Better Day' to just rock out.  It's not rocket science by any means, and they're not reinventing the wheel: I'm sure that's not their modus operandi. These guys sound super comfortable just writing great rock 'n' roll songs and having the opportunity to play them to a wider audience. They really hit their stride on 'Circle' and 'Underground' and just let the music do the talking. There are plenty of hints all over the album to comparisons like the Nomads or Backstreet Girls for starters and that whole ballsy Scandinavian rock scene that I just love.


Before they're done, 'Empty Rooms' is like they're channelling the spirit of The Dead Boys with a great snotty number, and to call it a day they turn everything up to 11 and go for it on 'Doubt' - and then they're gone folks… gone!



If you like any of the bands I've mentioned in this review then you know you're onto a winner with 'Oh Crash…': seriously, it's a no-brainer - you really do need to get some Volcanics in your record collection; they're upholding a rock and roll tradition and we should respect the rock and buy it!  Rocking is their business and business is booming!


‘Oh Crash…’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


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