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Written by Dom Daley   
Sunday, 04 October 2009 14:25

1riotnoise"I am never wrong". Hey, calm down - it's not me being big headed (although it has been said). No, it's the lyrics from this bad boy's opening track.


Firkin' 'ell, these Bristolians aren't messing around here. On first impressions I get the picture of low slung Les Pauls trading big fat meaty riffs, perhaps a nice sunburst Fender Jazz or Precision holding the reigns of the rhythm department. Take it from me, that's not a bad image. Think heavy in a sort of Velvet Revolver way, with groove and riffage twisted together in a very slick, confident and mature production -  that is what's on offer here.


The four tracks on this great EP show a band hungry to deliver, who aren't here to mess about posing or looking like the next kiddies on the block, but intent on giving the listener a taste of what's to come. 'Dead Behind The Eyes' rips through the speakers with a dueling axe attack as they slash their way through this heavy rockin mutha in a Warrior Soul meets 3 Colours Red kinda vibe. The final track on offer shows no sign of lightening the load either as 'One Chance' maintains a steady tempo and a nice little toe tapper it is too.


There's enough on show here to suggest that they could deliver a massive rock album, so one to look out for over the coming months. They go on tour soon and work their backsides off which will do them the world of good, no doubt. Riot:Noise understand classic "Noughties" rock - now catch them on tour and pick up a copy of this EP - you won't be disappointed.