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Written by Rob Watkins   
Thursday, 06 October 2016 03:00

Novacover500RavenEye are an English rock band formed in Milton Keynes in 2014 and featuring the infamous talents of guitarist and vocalist Oli Brown with an influential stamp reminiscent of and rooted in modern garage and blues rock and roll.


`Wanna Feel You` slides in with substantial groove and visionary musical understanding and intelligence in the art of songwriting and, of course, highlighted by the Oli Brown guitar licks and powerful and melodic vocal patterns `Come With Me` a pounding bluesy slanted rocker of a tune with an ever so sweet vocal delivery that`s screams commercial aspects throughout.


And whilst on the subject of the commercial musical vision herein, `Inside`, the first of back to back video hits lifted off the opus thus far, nails it rather diversely and again rears up the essential choral hook `Hero` the other video offering kicks it around in such a unique glorious fashion full of apparent musical infectious brilliance with a modern musical portrait inspired by the past sounds evident in the sounds grasped on the record.



`Supernova` with its epic psychedelic musical appeal backed by some powerful beats courtesy of Bassist Aaron Spiers and spankingly new drummer Adam Breeze and that mindframe bounds forward on `Walls`, another throbbing arrangement full of intelligent songwriting elegance. Having caught the band recently at the Steelhouse Festival, I get the whole picture with this trio. with their live performance something of considerable note in the modern era and an absolute must see for any musical rock fanatic with the group having it all, with their stage moves and awesome musicianship and, of course catchy hook laden, tunes one and all.


`Oh My Love` a sliding 70s influential groove of a tune full of power and musical creation crafted so beautifully `Madeline` another powerful super infectious composition that balances the mixture as with every track on the collection between rocking out to the musical hilt and staying on that commercial path fuelled by that unique vocal rasp.



`Hate` and `Out Of The Rain` conclude the musical business on the album with more power and substance with the bands obvious faith and belief pretty evident on the project.


Nova... shining ever so bright.




'Nova' is out now.  You can buy your copy HERE.