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Written by Rob Watkins   
Friday, 02 October 2009 09:29


Electric_MaryAC/DC, Rose Tattoo, Electric Mary...does it flow off the tongue OK?


Electric Mary were formed in Melbourne Australia in 2003 and have been relentlessly plugging away on their very own crusade to make the world listen to their brand of classic rock ever since. Fast forward to 2009, and here we have the self-produced thirteen-track "Down To The Bone" opus.


I have to be honest and say that on first listen my initial thoughts led me to an overfilled cabinet marked 'arena rock emptiness' occupied by far too many bands these days.


However after a few more spins, I now see Electric Mary have a far deeper musical quality than any of these, vocalist Rusty in particular has a great vocal style not too dissimilar to say Jeff Keith and Chris Robinson in styling without sounding like a photocopy of either. The band's sound has an obvious influence from across the seventies into the early eighties and maybe some late sixties too making for a heady melting pot of sound.


Back in my day, the album cover was always where you started your earliest band experiences and 'Down To The Bone' just screams out for that gatefold vinyl record sleeve treatment.


electricMaryBIGAnd here's why, Electric Mary specialize in music with a timeless quality. Laden with big riffs and immediate anthems for all you boys and girls out there. 'Gasoline And Guns' is a monstrous riff fest, while 'Right Down To The Bone' gives out that uber cool Rusty vocal vibe. 'Crashdown' meanwhile kicks through your speakers into a Bad Company type rocker and 'Luv Me' will certainly have your boot cut 501's flapping back and forth to the chorus. 'Do Me (Long Way Home)' has a nice Black Crowes sort of intro into a riff surely influenced by their recent touring buddies Whitesnake.


And 'Spread The Electric Luv' is soon to be a dance floor fave in any decent rock club near you, if it isn't go and demand it!


Electric Mary's success will be born of the usual lucky breaks and there's always room for new kids on the block looking to kick the arses of the more established bands and liven things up a bit.  Let's just get Electric Mary over to the UK/US very soon and give that aforementioned overfilled cabinet a mighty fine lesson in ass whooping.


Fair dinkum fellas.