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Written by Dave Prince   
Friday, 30 October 2015 04:00

Naked‘End Game’ is the debut album by Scandinavian hard rockers Naked, and while the band name maybe new to most, the people behind it will give you an idea as to their credentials and potential!


Naked is the brainchild of guitarist Mats Stattin and vocalist Peter Sundvall, the rest of the line up is completed by keyboardist Tony Borg of Alien, along with special guest four string king Paul Logue of Eden's Curse fame and Mikael Wikman on drums The album being mixed by Pete Newdeck who also guests on ‘End Of Eternity’.


Like most Scandinavian bands, Naked tread a very thin line between melodic rock and pop with guitars. Something I am totally fine with, especially when the songs are as good as ‘Blood Of My Blood’ and ‘Leaving You Tonight’. Who the hell cares if it’s pop? I sure as shit don't.


This debut album is far from perfect though, but what it does show is that promise is there by the bucket load.


The best songs for me are the aforementioned ‘End Of Eternity’ and ‘Still In Love’, the former a tear stained love story, whereas the latter a rocker that belongs on one of those those Driving Rock Anthems compilations you used to see in garage forecourts.


A great start then. Here's to the next chapter!


To pick up your copy of 'End Game' - CLICK HERE