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Written by Ross Welford   
Tuesday, 27 October 2015 03:20

blackbonecover300This trio of hard rocking Dutchmen have certainly raided the vaults of rock history to produce an album of top notch rock 'n' roll that they can be proud of.


Coming off like a cross between Motochrist and Scandinavian glunk rock bad-asses such as The Chuck Norris Experiment, they may not be re-inventing the wheel... but who wants that done anyway?


Songs such as 'Loaded-Weighted' and 'Suicide (ain't no way out)' are prime slices of dirt and sleaze with all the attitude of punk rock ala Motörhead and with production handled by Peter van Elderen - who happens to be guitarist and frontman for the great Peter Pan Speedrock - you know that all those boxes of excitement and snarling excess are being ticked off with every note.


The album doesn't really let up on quality throughout the 11 song album and with SPV/Steamhammer on board, I'd be surprised if you're not hearing about this lot sooner rather than later.


Fluid throughout yet never a one trick pony, the band are never afraid to experiment with sound. The blistering and hard-hitting 'Enemy' is full throttle and full of youthful exuberance while they attempt - with some promise - a ballad that conjures up a drug fueled, hazed Enuff Z'Nuff at their dreamiest ('Wrong').


It's a decent second album from the band and one which sees them grow into themselves with ease and one which should - hopefully - get them gigging on a decent tour to showcase their potential and having already supported the likes of Deep Purple and played the likes of BosPop and Paaspop festivals, you wouldn't be surprised if they achieve it.


You'll probably be too late to see them with Valiant Thorr by the time you read this so just click the link below and check out some Black-Bone tunes in time for their next tour. If - like has been alleged - Peter van Elderen has captured the essence of their sound, then it'll be worth the wait.


Wailing guitars and the necessity to prowl through every song is no bad thing.


To pick up your copy of 'Blessing In Disguise' - CLICK HERE