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Written by Dom Daley   
Saturday, 24 October 2015 04:00

bornlooseWe've all been to pubs/clubs where you spend all night trying to avoid the psychotic drunk who is staggering around bumping into people and spilling their drinks, then if you make eye contact you're in a whole world of trouble: Imagine that violent nut case being a record; well, I think I've found what that record is called and who it's by...


Born Loose is the twisted fight club of Larry May and his trusty lieutenants Suke, Shane Konen and Eric Robel. It's the musical equivalent of being headbutted repeatedly then punched by a guy with breeze blocks taped to his fists then when you're done and gasping for a drink he gives you a drink alright... but it's petrol! To cap it all off he throws a lit match into the equation and walks away laughing. Born Loose is the soundtrack to the end of the world show when people are charging about screaming.


There is a lot in this world to make the most placid person a little hot under the collar so if you're already on a short fuse I'd stay well away from Born Loose because this is music to riot to. 'Ain't Coming Tonight' is the first of twelve songs and begins with May screaming like his life depends on it ahead of some ferocious out of control punk rock and fuckin' roll! There is a dirty underbelly of Detroit's finest garage going on under the hood of this Hot Rod as things really kick off.


On 'Weird Weird World' I'd like to think the torch is being carried for Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee and Marky and if Da Brudahs were a going concern today then this is what they could come up with. It is truly relentless in the best possible way and 'Driller Killer' is the finest punk rock Slayer could never muster if they only had the balls. Insane thrashing with wild and just reckless guitar solos aplenty before May tries to blow his throat out in one simple verse without taking a breath intensity intensified. Truly majestic stuff!


After a bunch of superb singles and a debut album if you thought the follow up was going to lack ideas and songs then you'll be disappointed somewhat because Born Loose couldn't give a flying fuck about opinions, they've come to rock and roll and fuck shit up and, boy, do they hit the mark. This isn't everything turned up to 10, this is everything turned up to 12 and open the whisky bottle before we rock out! The formula is simple, there is no experimenting here, it is a simple process where Born Loose just play seven shades of shit out of twelve songs (twelve very impressive songs) giving nothing short of 100% 100% of the time and nailing the sound and the songs every single motherfucking time!


'Eyes Despised' has a wonderful beat and 'Stiff Nights' lets the gang vocals in on more full throttle punk rock. There is comedy as well as the Scooby Doo theremin intro on 'Alien Agenda' as the lyrics raise an eyebrow and a cheeky grin - who else would sing about ET? Before we close off 'Ain't That Swell (Baby Go To Hell)' is Chuck Berry sped up and breathless whilst the band show off how well they can play their instruments and you can hear the rock and roll blood that pumps around their veins screaming for mercy as Larry again lets out the finest scream in the business as if to emphasise rock and rollness. Kinda like swinging your dick around in a packed party knowing it's gonna impress the hell out of everybody in attendance and Larry's is big (scream that is, obviously).


There is time to mellow out and 'Foot In Mouth' is less rapid and in your face but it is dripping with rock and roll. In under half an hour Born Loose have shaken off any cobwebs that might have gathered in a 50 mile radius of my speakers and killed the grass on the front lawn. Me, I'll survive to write another day but I might just need this record to provide the soundtrack to any nightmares. I might look forward to in the coming weeks months and years. Born Loose love to rock the fuck out and so do I. Not a duff track in sight but plenty of fucked up Punk Rock and Garage Roll though and that'll do for me!


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