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Written by John Hewett   
Wednesday, 27 October 2010 05:30

lastransomredThis Atlanta, Georgia based trio have shared the stage with the likes of Sevendust, In This Moment and 36 Crazyfists since 2007, and 'Sleep Well Sweet Vanity' is their debut full-length.


The album opener 'Make Up' sweeps into life with a keyboard drenched electronica beat, before settling into some hard grooving riffs and hefty drum patterns. It's clear from the start that this is very well constructed music, the sweet female vocals juxtaposing nicely with a savage metal roar. A good start is followed by the more down-tempo 'Seamstress', with an epic, cinematic feel. 'Black Gospel' continues in an even more sparse, and dynamic vein, with a catchy refrain reminiscent of Evanescence. In a good way.


Track four, 'One Word', comes screaming into life with great vocal lines and some nice percussive touches. The keyboards towards the end give it a really expansive feel. If you put this on a movie soundtrack, this band could well blow up big time.

I'll be honest, this as yet unnamed sub-genre of rock 'n' roll usually sends me running, but this is very well executed and is holding my attention. 'Always Been' is a standout track - brief, to the point, and with a cracking chorus. 'Synthetic Sleep' bounces along on a filthy riff interspersed with a lazy vocal and some good electronic touches, with both percussion and keyboard melodies adding a thick atmosphere.


'October' heads into muscular metalcore territory from the start, and slides into a dreamy vocal. A very good song. The electronic elements of this band are cranked right up for 'Lay Down', violin sounds and a pounding beat at the heart of it, with some processed guitar underpinning the chorus. 'Stay' begins delicately before yet another sweeping chorus comes into play....There are parts towards the end that got my head bobbing, some very nice riff-work. 


Album closer 'Empire' is an interesting blend of spikey riff and tight double-bass work, with a little dash of sweet melody. It's a pretty short record, but the benefit of that is that it's not bloated with filler.


I can imagine this stuff would have a pretty large mass appeal, and I have to commend them on being in a genre I don't like and not making me hate it!