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Written by Matt Blakout   
Saturday, 16 October 2010 06:00

FireIgniteFrom Malta? Really. I searched for rock bands from Malta and I couldn't find any, nada, came up with none. Surely Malta's produced some rock in the past? Now I've been to Malta and I can remember 'I Was Made For Lovin' You' was a massive hit over there. The closest I can get to rock in Malta seems to be Marc Storace, the Maltese born Krokus vocalist. 

Fire in fact did support Krokus at home and at a few international shows in 2007. Anyway, back to the band. Starting out as a covers band in 1998, releasing two albums from what I can tell, this is the reissued and expanded version of their debut. The opener 'Get Out Of My Way' was a little disappointing actually, reminding me of all those NWOBHM bands that never really broke through. I was disappointed enough to nearly write off the rest of the album. Luckily, I stuck with it and was glad I did. 'Make Me Believe' was just great, I really liked the chorus though more UFO in its feel, the hook really worked well. Following this was 'Fire Flyer' - more Brit sounding rock and that's ok for me. 'Goin Down' is a great melodic song with a strong vocal performance from Kenneth Calleja.

The album is expanded as mentioned, with the addition of 2010 recordings of Bryan Adams' 'Run To You' which, as expected, has a rockier vibe and that's great, good effort on this one. 'Miss U This Christmas' is a stab at the Justin Hawkins cornered cheesy Crimbo market but it's actually not as cheesy as the title suggests and not a tubular bell in the whole song.

Good effort and worth a listen.

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