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Written by David Prince   
Friday, 15 October 2010 05:00

burnthyenemyBurn Thy Enemy are a progressive female fronted goth metal band led by Luci Thomas on vocals. With undertones of power metal and dark melodies, if you like your tunes heavy but with true melody and sung with real passion then UK's Burn Thy Enemy are a must listen.


I am listening to two spanking brand new tracks, 'Undone' and 'Ties That Bind', which, for a brand new band, show so much talent and the potential they have is awe inspiring. 'Undone' starts off with a riff so catchy you'll be humming it for at least a week...and when the vocals of Luci kick in you understand the whole thought process in that, this is a band with a future so bright, it'll burn retinas.


The band consists of Luci Thomas (ex-Gripshift), Eddie Marsh (Ex-Lionsheart), Phil Lye (Ex-Dead Against The Rest/Interstate), Paul Boschen (Ex-Interstate) and Rob Sully. The band formed in September 2009 and have gelled together to form a beast of a band. 'Ties That Bind' has the metal squeal that reduces me to being a 16 year old... I just love the squeal that Zakk Wylde/Rich Ward(Stuck Mojo/Fozzy) are masters of...but that's only the intro...the song carries on with a theme of using people to get what you can from them.


Any kind of gothy metal band will get comparisons with Lacuna Coil, Evanescence etc... and this is no different, but the band have more soul and passion than a lot of the others out there. So give them a chance and try and catch them live as they are about to embark on a tour of Germany this autumn, but will be playing the UK soon.