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Written by Dom Daley   
Monday, 04 October 2010 06:00

hipnewIntended for the Japanese market, 'Unleash The Priest' collects material from previous EP's and from the wonderful album 'Tight N Excite' and lays them all out in one collection of sick, fucked up yet fantastic punk rock. This is what you all should be buying and sticking in the kids' stockings on Christmas morning, not that emo shit or the latest faddy music. Get 'em The Hip Priests, they'll thank you for the education when they're older. 


It all kicks off with 'Sonic Reproducer' and a blistering three and a half minutes of filth it is too, with a down 'n' dirty mix of punk rock 'n' roll which is just the way I like it; its an unadulterated filth but what beautiful filth it is - "Squeeze the juice, I am a sonic reproducer!" - too fuckin' right you are, my son. As far as down 'n' dirty rock 'n' roll goes The Hip Priest have got it and these songs back it up. Blistering guitarwork and some sublime playing that's tighter than a gnat's chuff (these boys just bring out the filth in me). 'I Love To Fuck', 'Strip Her Down', 'F.T.P' (possibly the  greatest lyrics since Stiv sung "Caught with the meat in your mouth"), 'Juiced Up n Loose' -  It's 100% Rock 'N' fucking Roll. How can you possibly go wrong? Oh, I almost forgot the full throttle that is 'Cream My Jeans' or the face fuck that is 'Demon Hooker'. I could go on and on and on (what do you mean I already have?). Not since Turbonegro gave the 'Biz' a shuddering kick to the groin has a band come along so rude yet so much fun with a fistful of songs to back it up : The Hip Priests don't just talk the talk, they walk the walk. 


Much to my shame I only discovered The Hip Priests this year and, as far as compilations go, this is a fantastic introduction to anyone wanting to sample what these punk rocking joy boys are all about. It has a bit of everything from the fast and furious 'Breakneck Babylon' to the old school 'Strip Her Down' or the singalong 'Try Me For Sighs'. For punk rock 'n' rollers this is the real deal here peeps, mixing the old school of the Dead Boys and The Stooges with bands like Gluecifer and The Hellacopters when they were super shitty to the max, there is also some MC5 and Rocket From The Crypt in here as well. The end product is it's The motherfucking Hip Priests, plain and simple. With the band recently shedding singer Gary we will soon enter a new era of Hip Priestness which will bring another twist of the melon and hopefully get these boys some recognition they thoroughly deserve.


I'd recommend The Hip Priests to anyone who likes low down, dirty rock 'n' roll played with spirit and gusto, just the way it should be. It's rude, it's rockin' and, most of all, it's fucking quality. Unleash the Priests in your living room, your car or on your headphones - it'll be the nicest thing any priest could give to you that won't see them go on any register.