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Written by Gaz E   
Friday, 17 October 2014 03:40

pleasuresfoursome300It's been a decade since Germany's premier glam rock outfit The Pleasures were formed in a day-glo controlled explosion, and the Hamburg hellraisers are celebrating their tenth birthday with a new record deal (courtesy of City Of Lights Records) and a typically infectious new EP.


'Foursome Reason' - released on the only day of the year that Dancette and Co. can leave the house without being stared at, Halloween - contains, wait for it, four hott new tracks from the Teutonic trashmeisters, ushered in by a suitably pompous introduction entitled 'Four To The Floor'. Once that plays out it's brash business as usual from a band that you'll definitely see coming.


'Crazy People Are Hot' - the live video of which features as a bonus on this new disc - is a little more sedate an opener than I expected, musically at least. Lyrically, the song is as ludicrous as hoped....and The Pleasures are back. The track is pure, unadulterated Euro pop rock.


'Silent Valley' hits a little harder, keyboards stabbing at the eyes, distorted backing vocals wailing out under the heavenly hook, while 'Come On Foursome Reason' amps the action right up, peeling out of the speakers with a memorable riff and lashings of cowbell, the verses dropping out before the chorus hits like the '80s never went away. We never wanted them too though, right? It's a hook just waited to be chanted back at the band by loyal, lusty and lairy supporters.


Final track, 'I'll Do Anything (...But Foreplay)', rides in on a jungle drum beat before unfurling into a crazed sonic chimera that pours funky bass, shredding guitar licks, '80s synths and a flytrap of a hook into the melting pot, the resulting song a triumph in retro-fuelled pop glam, closing this fine new EP, also featuring a guitar cameo from ToxicRose's Tom Wouda, in some style.


The Pleasures might feel like they've missed the badass boat a little by disappearing just as similar, lesser even, bands got acclaim for OTT glam histrionics and outrageous lyrics, but now that they're back let's hope that they get the bitchin' breaks they are so deserving of.


This messed-up world needs the messed-up aesthetics of bands like The Pleasures.


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