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Written by Dom Daley   
Friday, 03 October 2014 04:00

lospepesalbumWho fancies half an hour of the finest power pop known to man? Right, form an orderly queue and read on.


Los Pepes have so far managed to knock out a bunch of top singles and EPs, which is all well and good, but the time has come for them to show us exactly what they've got and lay the cards out on the table for everyone to see what they're up against.  


'Los Pepes For Everyone' is born. Twelve perfectly-formed tunes, one as mind altering as the next and power pop pickers across the globe will be kicking themselves that they didn't pen such behemoths as 'Alone In The City' or 'Guilty Pleasure'. I've not heard a punky power pop long player as fine as this since 'Love Bites' hit the shelves or The Boys released 'Alternative Chartbusters'. This will in time find its place and that will be at the top table feasting on the praise that will inevitably follow when people get their ears caressed by this record.


Brought up on a steady diet of Ramones, Buzzcocks, a lot of what followed in the early '80s from the pop sensible XTC or the Mighty Wah! and I'm also hearing the mighty Hanoi Rocks in songs like the opener, especially those harmonies. But rather than copy all these bands they just simply feed the tunes through a series of loud guitar pedals and, voila!


It's not easy writing a three minute pop tune and pouring it full to the brim with the vital ingredients and sprinkling it with the X Factor needed to take it out of the pack and raise it up to the Gods of Rock 'n' Roll. Take 'Unknown' for example, it sounds familiar. Like you've heard it before but you know you haven't. You want to sing along but you don't know the words yet but then you do and the tennis racket is given a good seeing to on the solo.


'I Don't Need Anyone' is a furious blur that has equal amounts of Hanoi mashed together with prime time Leyton Buzzards and some lush harmonies that have their roots in those Buzzcocks and Ramones classics melodies.


These things don't happen by accident and Los Pepes I'm sure work hard at their craft but somewhere down the line they have had a dalliance with Old Nick because how else would these chancers be able to write 'I Won't Fall In Love'? This is born from a bygone era and lovingly brought up to date. With some justice and no doubt some hard work this band will be huge. How can they not? You'll feel like a million dollars once you've got down to 'This Love's War' - it's life affirming rock 'n' roll God damn it and the more people who succumb to it the better this world will be.


There is no guilty pleasure about this record it's unashamed and so am I in my praise. Shout it out loud and be proud, I love Los Pepes! and I'm happy to tell anyone that will listen. 'Los Pepes For Everyone' is a fantastic rush and an album you should most definitely check out if you still love rock and roll that is. approved image lrg 2013This might just be one of the finest thirty minutes of pleasure you'll have all year! I also appreciate that for a lot of you reading this thirty minutes of pleasure would be a marathon or something you're not used to so go on dive in!