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Written by Johnny H   
Friday, 27 September 2013 04:00

The GaggersWhen I mentioned in passing to Dom Daley that I had this 13 track black vinyl LP from The Gaggers to review, he summed up what was about to hit my turntable in one word, "brutal". Never one to mix his metaphors, our Lazarus of glunk pretty much hit the nail right on the head because from opener 'Psychosomatic' to the run out grooves of 'You Ain’t Fun' this LP is a rock ‘n’ roll riot that brings together the band’s singles from 2009 to 2012 and in the process sets my stylus to stun.


Influence wise the quartet are more akin to the Manchester sounds that fell out of the back end of 1977 rather than their native London counterparts, and the fact that tracks like 'Bored To Death' and Two Fingers Down My Throat' have more than a nod towards what the Cyanide Pills does make me think that perhaps it was The Gaggers’ guitarist Dagger who lived in Leeds not Johnny Thunders after all. They do have equally fantastic barnets mind you.


Gloriously trashy, and sounding just like a heavyweight LP should sound, courtesy of yet another fantastic pressing job from Wanda Records, this record will leave 'Razor Scars On Your Heart' and you better believe it maaaaan!


Brutal? Yup, and then some. This review comes with the simple instruction of; "Buy It!!!!"