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Written by Dom Daley   
Thursday, 26 September 2013 03:20

vibhitscover400Being in the music business for over thirty years is no mean feat and while The Vibrators might not be up there on everyone's lips when asked to name some punk bands from the '77 brigade Ian 'Knox' Carnochan and his band deserve much kudos for surviving, albeit under many line-up changes, and penning some fantastic tunes, the unimaginatively titled 'Greatest Punk Hits' housing those tunes in one sweet collection.


Getting proceedings under way with the great 'London Girls' this collection spans the lot with tracks from the beginning right up through the '90s and beyond. Of course, their most popular tune is present and correct: 'Automatic Lover' a great song that has stood the test of time. It still sounds fresh today. Other stand out tracks in this collection are 'Amphetamine Blue', the original 'Troops Of Tomorrow' and the catchy 'Whips And Furs'.  


It's the less familiar songs that caught my ear this time around, like the acoustic 'Every Day I Die A Little' with its haunting vocal melody as it builds and builds.


It's easy to see how Knox later recorded with members of Hanoi Rocks and what an influence his song writing was on the Finnish band, 'Tired Of Living With You' being a great example.


Covered by the likes of UK Subs, The Exploited, GBH and REM, maybe The Vibrators never got the kudos they perhaps deserved and this collection possibly crystallises that because this is a mighty fine eighteen track collection and well worth purchasing and familiarising yourself with a very talented band and songwriter.


One last thing; it's advertised as containing eighteen tracks but my copy only had seventeen, the live rendition of 'I Need A Slave' sadly missing. Ho hum, mustn't grumble because 'Greatest Punk Hits' is well worth a few coins of anyone's currency.


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