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Written by Ross Welford   
Monday, 23 September 2013 03:20

wretchedsoulcoverWhat do you expect a band with the name Wretched Soul to sound like? And with that artwork? And on Dark Lord Records!




The only twist on the obvious is that Canterbury's Wretched Soul are a 'blend' band. They take the thrash guitar work and song structure of classic '80s metal but twist it with death vocals, with a touch of black metal..........and then add to their sound with anything from the kitchen sink of metal including early Flotsam And Jetsam, Iron Maiden and 3 Inches Of Blood.


It seems to work - maybe it'll be too watered down for pure death fans but those on the edges of thrash and crossover will surely like all the band have done on their debut disc. It makes for a modern sounding album and the band (and producer Chris Tsangarides) must be more than happy with the results. They were hailed in the June 2013 issue of Terrorizer magazine as “one of the UK’s most promising underground Thrash bands” and you can see why the band have started to make headway.


'Where Shadows Ride' is a compelling opening and one which sees the Kent band thrash their way through genres and styles and it's an instant bolt (thrower) to the head. 'Black Wings Of Treachery' and 'Veronica' are also noteworthy but depending on your visions of thrash/death in general, I'd have no problems with others picking three totally different tracks. All are more than decent.


They offer brutality and melody in equal measure over 40 minutes of non-stop, top quality music that switches styles in the blink of an eye yet always in a fluid movement that transends their debut status.


It's an impressive statement.




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