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Written by Rob Watkins   
Friday, 07 September 2012 04:00

ozknozzuseOz Knozz were formed way back in 1969 in Houston, Texas as a trio, with two of those original three members still rocking it up in the group to this day, brothers Duane and Bill Massey, albeit with a band hiatus during the period 1987 to 1996.


An American orientated rock sound is instantly evident as the band roar into 'Empty Room', an impressive piece of songwriting with some neat melodies and chord progressions running through the song. 'Goodbye Again' follows the same formula as the previous number with Milton De Coronado's vocal leading the way but once more a great song arrangement with some infectious keyboard work to boot.


'Far Away' and 'Fox Paws' keep the rocking fully flowing with some classy six string riffage courtesy of Robert Guinea with the latter tune having a sexy little groove to it and some fitting funky moments. The ballad obviously rears up on any release from this genre of music and 'Always There' is a very impressive effort indeed with some fantastic instrumentation incorporated throughout the track, and whole album for that matter, with an extremely powerful production being of some relevant note too. 'Here Comes The Night' and 'Visitor' continue in a strong commercial harmonic vein, with the latter tune ringing my bell simply for drummer  Marty Naul's use of the cowbell. "It's the little things." The laid back bump and grind of 'What The...?' and title track 'True Believer' offer up quite the hooky little opening riff and some decent melodic vocal passages.


With the group's roots dating back to 1969 it could be said on this album there are elements of musical influence associated with that late '60s period, especially for me on final number 'Kings And Treasures', with artists such as The Zombies having a small say in the inspirational equation.


Oz Knozz are not gonna set the musical world on fire but 'True Believer' is well worth a listen for any AOR aficionado.




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