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Written by Ben Hughes   
Sunday, 25 September 2011 06:00

dirtymindsDirty Names hail from Annapolis the capital of the US state of Maryland and they play rock 'n' roll music...that is all, pure and simple. The most Uber Rock related person to hail from Annapolis is....well no one really, the closest I could find is ultra cool Nitro Circus dude and motocross champion Travis Pastrana. Dirty Names may not jump out of planes without a parachute or double flip a motorbike but they play damn fine rock 'n' roll music and that's all the adrenaline I need in my life.


'Rock And Roll Mind Control' is a five track EP recorded live in the studio late last year, it retains a quality and charm of a band greater in years than these five young dudes in cuban heels and skinny jeans. It opens with the title track, a sweet bar room boogie in the vein of The Quireboys and Diamond Dogs. It's a honky tonk groove wrapped up with sweet vocalisin' courtesy of Harrison Cofer and oh how the girls are gonna love this boy, with the looks of a young Johnny Depp, the dark corkscrew hair that defies gravity and a voice like Jagger how can he fail? That's not to belittle the rest of the boys of course, as they sure aren't a one man band. The rhythm section of Sam Wettarau on bass and Matt Rose on the drums is tight as they need to be and the guitars compliment the melody just fine.


'Don't Try Making A Move' is their homage to swinging rock 'n' roll, think Chuck Berry or Jerry Lee Lewis, it's their 'Rip This Joint' in fact. 'Salt Water Jackie' has a slower groove to it, a Stonesy riff a la 'Start Me Up' drenched in the sweet hammond-like keys of the aptly named John Countryman it matches the groove nicely. Evolving into a bit of a jam with a nice bit of wah-wah soloing courtesy of guitarist Kit Whittaker, it's a track that oozes cool with every note.


'I Don't Care' is again ultra Stonesy in a good way, the subtle guitar picking and stabs that Keef would be proud of. The guitars of Cofer and Whittaker compliment each other well especially when the solo comes its sweet ear candy. The nice harmony vocals in closer 'Swimming With Yer Heart' mix with Cofer's best Jaggerisms to give an upbeat countrified vibe that rounds things off on a high.


Dirty Names have a lot of soul, their sound and influences are clear for all to see, it is vintage rock 'n' roll in its purest form, a band that don't care for modern sounds, like the last 40 years of music never happened, and sometimes that is just so damn refreshing. It's nice to hear from ones so young, and here's hoping there is an album in the pipeline soon. If they can record five tracks in one day to this standard then there is a good chance they can do an album full of top notch songs in a week tops.Someone give these guys a record deal please! I hope to be hearing more from these young upstarts sooner rather than later.