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Written by Gaz E   
Friday, 09 September 2011 05:30

spill_sixteenHow do you think it feels to be able to write whatever the fuck you want about someone yet find that they still come back for more?


While some people with memories shorter than their band's shelf life find it difficult to accept a writer's interpretation of the truth, others take every sarcastic word in the right spirit, truly embodying the soul of Uber Rock. Spill Sixteen guitarist JJ is one of the latter and it is this righteous reason alone that guarantees that we will always champion the people who walk the same path.


When writing for another website some years ago I reviewed JJ's old band, Violent Angel, and, in my own charming way, threw out a ridiculous White Lion comparison alongside my usual word dumps - "roars along like a topless drunk in a stolen Cortina" anyone?!


Now while the White Lion fans may have been delighted, the other 99.9999% of the Earth's rock music-loving fraternity cast him aside, blacklisted. But wait (see what I did there?!), JJ saw the funny side of my nonsense and has kept in touch with me as I stepped up to the Uber plate and he found himself in the process of forming an all-new band.


That band, the coolly-monikered Spill Sixteen, were formed from the ashes of several bands out of Sheffield, including the aforementioned Violent Angel and Silverjet, and when their self titled, self released EP turned up for review I felt indebted to make amends for my earlier faux pas. Then I remembered the reputation I have to keep and the...err...pride I have in keeping desperate Twitter accounts full of bullshit. Not knowing which way to turn, I pressed play and a four song burst of sunshine made my mind up for me....


Playing their first gig together just last month, Spill Sixteen are a new band happy to sound like an old band or two, thankfully maintaining a distinct sense of identity as they finger the standard pages of the rock 'n' roll rulebook. With cool influences hanging like botched exercises in auto-erotic asphyxiation over the band - Buckcherry, Aerosmith, Guns N' Roses - the band, with the clean vocals of impressive frontman Stevie soaring like blue tits, find themselves blessed with the ability to straddle sub-genres; they could just as easily find themselves warming up a crowd as support to an '80s cock rock band as tear it up on a line-up with other retro-tinged young acts like The Treatment or Heaven's Basement.


Original ideas are rarer than bum notes on this well-recorded four track affair but, as we all really know, sometimes ass-kicking, good-time rock 'n' roll is all you need. They might not be reinventing the wheel, steel or, well, anything, but their knack of rearranging timeless rock sounds and fashioning them into decent slabs of songs is commendable. Anthemic choruses and infectious hooks; deep down, we all love them and this quartet of tunes is riddled with them, with 'Doing It Tonight' being the pick of the bumping bunch.


Spill Sixteen play their first hometown show as support to Warrior Soul this month and I could think of many worse places to be of an evening. Show 'em your support.