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Written by Rob Watkins   
Sunday, 11 September 2011 05:30

nightvision_COS_front_cover_SMALLIt's deep into the night as this particular disc hits my Uber decks and my fading, aged eyes are in need of assistance. It's time for me to slip on my Nightvision googles for my perusal of the second long player release from Rocksector recording artists who also, by not too strange a coincidence, go by the namage of Nightvision.


The crisp 2011 shelf filler 'Consequence Of Sin'opens with a heavy, thumping riff and a vocal that takes me a little off guard, cloddingly I expect a deeper, harder, darker singing approach
but nay, strong, melodic passages that stroll the night hand in hand with a Zakk Wylde-inspired guitar are all encompassed in the opening track and first video, 'So Many Lies'.


'Sob Story' is out of the traps next, bounding in a NWOBHM vein but with little offshoots of grunge (only slightly) and elements of more recent bands to grace bedroom walls and mag covers that are now too numerous to mention by name. With hardly any chance to breathe, the metal rolls on and forward in true British style on 'Words Like Bullets' - take a listen and this statement by the Lincolnshire four-piece is definitely not understated by any stretch of the imagination.


A Classic Nickelback influenced moment, well on the instrumental side anyway, unfolds on 'Long Way From Home', possibly a future favourite for the Nightvision nuggets attending the live shows. 'Nowhere To Hide', wait, is there a softer side to these guys? No, seconds later and it's back to all men play on ten status; some decent, well laid out, well written tunes getting the right mix between heaviness, musical coolness and shots of commerciality that sometimes gets completely and utterly lost with a lot of these type of bands.


Another thunderous slant of six string riffage introduces the listener to 'Find Me' and, yet again, that strength of vocalist Dave McKee's lung capacity impresses - put this guy on a stage somebody. 'What Makes You Bad' and a Black Stone Cherry comparison springs into my Uber-mind on all levels. Throughout the entirety of the opus the production duties deserve a tick in the yes box as observed on 'Enter Escapism' amongst others. 'Nothing To Lose' continues down the same one way musical road but unfortunately I'm still waiting, whilst on track nine, for that killer essential hook that divides the big boys from the vast remainder on the world's cavernous metal circuit.


Is this possibly an autobiographical tale on offer herein of life as a struggling  rock 'n' roll band?? The tune in question being 'Petrol & Practise' - make your own mind up. 'Mirrors & Smoke' and 'Post Tour Blues' bring things to a booming closure and that tempo speedometer still remains in the red.


So as Nightvision are the focus here tonight, in their own words I'll leave you with; "It's mission accomplished so far.....there's no room for saints here as Nightvision unleash 'Consequence Of Sin' come join us....pack up your reality & go where angels fear to tread......