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Written by Hannah Reid   
Friday, 29 September 2017 04:40

Northern HorizonNorthern Horizon are a four piece band from Newcastle who formed back in 2014, and have independently recorded this debut EP, which is released today. They take inspiration from bands like Green Day, Blink 182 and Fall Out Boy, and you can definitely hear traces of them coming through in the songs but it’s most definitely a band that you would be able to tell who it is from the first few chords of each song.


The EP is called ‘You Let Me Down’ and has four songs, all of them good tunes that you can dance and nod your head along to. They’ve combined a lot of good tunes together and made them all work, with all the songs coming together, not one sticking out as not quite fitting in with the others.


The first track on the EP is one called ‘Background Music’, and it sets the bar high for how the EP is set to sound, with catchy beats right from the beginning and continuing through the song. The second verse is where everything speeds up and it’s something you can feel people would really get into at a show and you know that they would sing along to as they went. There are also a few good build ups that keep you guessing as to where the tempo is going to go and still manages to make you want more.


Next up is ‘Run and Hide’, starting a little slower and mellower with a nice guitar background to compliment the singing going on before it starts to pick up and get more in depth into the song. The chorus is a little heavier than the verses, and I think that’s what makes this track so catchy and one that really draws you into it. It’s full of passion and meaning within all the lyrics, and without realising you will be tapping your foot along to it. This is the slowest song on the EP, but it doesn’t make you want to fall asleep in the slightest.


Thirdly is ‘Without You’, and that picks up the tone once again. With this song I get very pop-punk vibes coming from it that had my foot tapping once again and dancing slightly in my seat. The guitars and drums always know the correct way to compliment the singing that’s going on, but are also very much able to bring something you didn’t know you wanted to this song.



The final track is called ‘Down’, and keeps the beats going. It feels slightly heavier than the previous songs but it’s another one that makes you want to dance to just from the lyrics. This is another song that I could see people at their shows dancing and really getting involved with because of how good it sounds.


Overall the EP is be excellent and something that you need to get your hands on. It was hard to pick a favourite from this EP because honestly I liked them all, and they all brought something new and different, keeping you on your toes with the various tempo changes but still leaving you with a smile at the end of it all. The toe tapping songs are some that are essential to your music collection. It also makes me want to hear more from and about this band: this one EP might not be enough to suffice you once you start hearing them play.


‘You Let Me Down’ is released today (Friday 29 September). You can get your copy HERE.


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