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Written by David O'Neill   
Friday, 29 September 2017 04:00

Code Red - Incendiary‘I Won’t Be Your Hero’, the opening track, confused me in the first few bars of its techno keyboard beat but it rapidly introduces the vocals of Ulrik Lönnqvist (ex-Sahara) and has some great guitar riffage going on in the background.  This is probably my favourite track on the album.


‘Heat Of The Night’ starts with more guitars than the first track and has a catchy riff running throughout and an easy singalong chorus typical of AOR.   The album has a feel and sound of Foreigner/Journey to its tracks: that kind of melodic AOR soft rock that gets like an earworm that once heard you could easily mistake for one of the former bands.  The instrumentation and mix is very good with a superb balance between each individual instrument. 


The vocals sit on the top of the mix which makes it very easy to listen to the lyrics and backing vocals.  The drums sit underneath, driving the rhythmic sounds of the tracks.  Lönnqvist has a very good vocal range, reminiscent of Steve Perry (Journey) albeit a bit short of his higher register: I suppose he’s a bit more in Chris Daughtry’s register.


The lyrics are a bit “twee”, but that doesn’t distract from the likeability of the tracks.  They are all easy listening and very typical of European AOR. 


If this is your cup of tea then go get it. I’d give it a fair 8/10, and if they were in the vicinity I’d probably go to the gig for a night of tuneful singing and musicality. After all, I’m going to see Europe in November (albeit supporting Deep Purple).


‘Incendiary’ is released on 20 October.


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