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Written by Dom Daley   
Wednesday, 27 September 2017 04:20

Bloodclot - Up In Arms artworkWhen I saw the personnel involved in this must-own record I couldn't wait I: had to suck up the import postage costs - sometimes you have to take one for the team. Take a good look at the cover artwork kids, and take a deep breath before dropping the needle, because this bad boy will take some limbering up before you commit your ears to something of a hardcore masterclass.


There is no messing about here. You will not be eased into this one gently: it’s foot to the floor hardcore from the big boys of the scene - Murphy's Law, Cro Mags, Dwarves, Bronx… need I go on?.  Todd 'Fuckin' Youth handling the guitars, Nick Oliveri on bass John Joseph on vocals and Joey Castillo on drums!


If I went song by song I'd be guilty of repeating myself… 'Kill The Beast' is rapid like a gunshot and Castillo's drumming is relentless.  I do feel sorry for every other band making hardcore music who will come across this album and inevitably be judged by it - and that's not always fair, but then neither is life.


I sit here tensed up like a rubber ball waiting for the next explosion of punk rock to go off in my ears… 'Prayer' sees Castillo attack his kit like it deserves to be beaten to smithereens.  Bands like Slayer tried to do justice to some hardcore, but couldn't live with this, and I've not heard an album of this genre this good for a long time.  I was impatiently waiting for the new Bronx album and then this happened - and now I can wait as long as it takes because if it's half this good then that'll be two incredible albums of hardcore/punk released in 2017.


'Siva/Rudra' is the sound of a rabid dog barking millimetres from your face moments before it takes a bite, such is the ferocity delivered in the track.  No songs overstay their welcome; in fact, several are too short and could go on for a lot longer – but, hey, you can't have everything.  'Slipping Into Darkness' is breathtaking – and, as we fast forward to the final curtain call, 'You'll Be The Death Of Me' is as good as where this album started: the intro of bass and drums is killer.



Twelve songs one as strong as the next is no mean feat these days; just when you think a genre has nothing more to offer and anything good has already been done, this happens.  Nothing short of stunning.


Enough ass kissing from me - anyone would think I'm on the payroll (I'm not of course). If there is a UK tour then I'm there no question about it: to see this go off live would be insane. I'm off to sprint through brick walls with this soundtrack ringing in my ears.  'Up In Arms'? Not a chance - unless it's to celebrate Bloodclot getting their dues for such a great album. Bloodclot is the business: buy it!


‘Up In Arms’ is out now.


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