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Written by Ben Hughes   
Tuesday, 26 September 2017 04:40

Role Models Dance MovesStaying true to their word, Role Models deliver their third long player in as many years with ‘Dance Moves’, the follow up to last year’s most excellent ‘Forest Lawn’, and what a cracker it is too. Rich Rags and the boys are back in town with another handful of tunes full of sentiment, romanticism and low slung rock ‘n’ roll riffs for you to devour.


Once more, another successful Pledge campaign comes to fruition, reaching its target in no time, proving yet again that the time for record companies is over and the time for DIY bands to shine is now.


It only takes the opening few bars of ‘Evangeline’ to convince me that ‘Dance Moves’ is sure to be something special. Picked chords ring out and urgent beats compliment Rich Rags hushed vocals. Full of sentiment, the song builds to a rousing chorus, you couldn’t ask for more from an opening song.


Role Models have always had a knack of straddling the fine line between The Replacements and The Heartbreakers and they nail it again and again here. The likes of ‘I Want More’ and ‘Manette Street’ (Rags’ very own cool as fuck  tribute to remaining Soho drinking establishment The Crowbar ) speak volumes to describe how essential this band have become to anyone who simply likes catchy, power pop melodies and the sound of a battered telecaster or two.


A stable line-up, quality songwriting and a great production all help to hit the spot and like a fine red wine the Role Models are maturing nicely as a band. Again, they call on friends to turn a trick or two with Rich Jones being the only member of Michael Monroe’s band to feature this time. But they are joined, among others, by the likes of Duncan Reid and Kris Rodgers from the Scott Sorry band.


Piano led ‘Obituary Writer’ is heartfelt ballad-mongery at its finest, proving Rags can do Johnny Thunders crooning just as good as Jesse Malin any day of the week, Rich has excelled himself here methinks. ‘Empire State’ has that crazy early Hanoi Rocks feel to it, funky bass and schizoid guitar lines battle, it moves in all the right ways. This is as good as it gets people... God, I adore this tune. And if anything it makes wanna go dust off those old Hanoi vinyls...but not just yet, as Role Models ain’t done yet!


Is ‘Feel Like Bein’ Alone’ the most upbeat song about solitude ever written? I don’t know for sure, but I do know you’ll be singing it in your sleep bruthas, I kid you not! The punked up title track comes on like The Dead Boys meets UK Subs, it will get your feet  moving and your heart pumping and ‘Wizard Van’ follows the same hopeful road, with a certain Rich Jones providing vocal and guitar talents, does that man ever find time to sleep?


Songs from the heart and songs from the soul, Rich Rags and the boys have dug deep and produced an album full of upbeat rock ‘n’ roll and the odd moment of heartfelt balladeering for good measure. It’s an album that will cheer up even the most damaged rock ‘n’ roll souls among us.


Albums come and albums go, while some get nonchalantly tossed to one side or discarded and forgotten for years, some stay close to our hearts forever...wanna know where I think this one sits? Well, I think you should go buy it and find out for yourself, as it’s a contender for sure.


‘Dance Moves’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


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