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Written by Jonni D   
Thursday, 21 September 2017 04:00

Dyscarnate - With All Their Might ArtworkQuite how UK death metal trio Dyscarnate have been so shamefully underappreciated by the metal community, both on their home turf and abroad, is something of a mystery. Now with three albums under their belt and over a decade into their career, these lads have been the most consistent purveyors of death metal on this side of the Atlantic. It’s a mantle that the band retains with the ferociously formidable, ‘With All Their Might.’ Arriving five years after their equally brilliant ‘And So It Came To Pass,’ Dyscarnate continues to bolster their core sound with a hefty production and a meticulously crafted collection of songs.


While the inherent brutality remains, ‘With All Their Might’ is arguably the band’s most palatable release for those whose tastes veer away from the more subterranean realms of metal. It’s hard to imagine fans of say, Lamb Of God for instance, not getting caught up in the monumental sized grooves of ‘Of Mice And Mountains’ or ‘Backbreaker.’ Thanks to the clear production job, every nuance of these songs is detectable. It’s a production style more in line with that of modern metal, as opposed to the earthy, minimalistic sound on many of their peers’ records. However, it’s this choice that allows the eerie layered vocals on the bridge of the rather progressive ‘This Is Fire!’ to have their full effect, or the subtle dissonance of the lead guitars on ‘Traitors In The Palace’ to convey such a disconcerting vibe in the more spacious moments of that track.


Whether it be the vocal lines or the riffs, ‘With All Their Might’ is an album laden with hooks. ‘Backbreaker’, and the stupendous ‘All The Devils Are Here’, are among the most accessible songs in Dyscarnate’s arsenal, thanks largely to Al Llewellyn and Tom Whitty’s knack for crafting memorably catchy, harsh vocal refrains. And yet, there is no compromise when it comes to extremity; the aural assault of ‘Iron Strengthens Iron’ showcasing the full savagery of Dyscarnate’s capabilities, as well as the tremolo-picked blitzkrieg of ‘To End All Flesh Before Me.’


Conversely, this album also shows the band honing their craft when it comes to the slower tempos: ‘Traitors In The Palace’, and particularly the closing ‘Nothing Seems Right’, are all the more crushing due to their languid pace allowing the riffs to slam at full force.


Although they don’t receive the kudos they so rightfully deserve, ‘With All Their Might’ showcases Dyscarnate at the peak of their songwriting prowess. Loaded with songs that continue to unfold new instrumental intricacies with every successive listen, as well as delving into fascinating lyrical territories of existential dread, the band has crafted a record of supreme quality. Should ‘With All Their Might’ fail to help gain the band a wider audience, then it’s simply a detriment to all the uninitiated. For everybody else; let the feast begin.


‘With All Their Might’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.




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