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Written by Dom Daley   
Wednesday, 20 September 2017 04:40

The Gun Club artworkIt seems like only yesterday I was mulling over some plundering of bedroom demos and recordings from The Gun Club and Jeffrey Lee Pierce.  This one has the coolest cover and to be fair some pretty awesome recordings.


Spread out over two albums, this one goes right back to the beginning and has the band’s first demo from '81; side two has a radio broadcast, three has acoustic demos and four captures the band live.  All bases covered then?  Yup pretty much.  Damn how fucking good was The Gun Club? From 'Goodbye Johnny' and 'Preaching The Blues' you can hear the emotion Pierce poured into his music, along with his heart and soul.


The quality is exceptional throughout, as you'd expect, and whoever put these recordings together clearly has a lot of love for the band.  The interview is good: perhaps a little out of place and unnecessary but something you might only play once. 


I do love the acoustic recordings, complete with goofing around and background talking. 'Asked For Water She Gave Me Gasoline' is spine tingling.  Man JLP had it all; when he played country it could have been Cash or Jennings and when he played the blues he could have been straight out of selling his soul down on the delta with Robert Johnson.  An exceptional talent - gone!


The live recording is also exceptional and is bounding with energy; recorded in Europe in the early Nineties on the ‘Lucky Jim’ tour, it just about puts the tin hat on a rather splendid collection from an extraordinary talent.  If you're a fan buy it - and if you’re just curious, then dive in: you're gonna love it. God bless the memory of Jeffrey Lee Pierce and The Gun Club: they never got what they truly deserved.  But the wider public’s loss is our gain: limited to only 500 copies I'd snap one of these up pronto.


‘Elvis From Hell’ is out now.


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