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Written by David O'Neill   
Wednesday, 20 September 2017 04:00

Bigfoot artworkBigfoot are a five-piece outfit from Wigan who have been rocking up a hell of a reputation since 2014.  


Their first two EPs established a very different yet familiar rock sound, with tracks like 'Bitch Killer' and 'Stone Soldiers' always going down a storm with their live audiences. The double lead guitars of Sam Millar and Mick McCullagh thrive off each other with each taking it in turn to drive the music of the band along.  Superbly supported by the rock solid rhythm section of Tom Aspinalls’ drums and Matt Avery on bass you’d be easily forgiven if you thought this band had been performing to a huge international fanbase for a long time.  However, while this hasn’t happened yet I did say in one of my previous reviews of one of their gigs that if you haven’t seen them in one of your local music venues you really should get out to see them. These guys are going to fill the boots of many a retired/expired classic rock bands before much longer and then you’ll be paying a fortune for tickets.


All the music is keen, tight and of a supreme high standard. The guitar playing is outstanding, the rhythm section of Aspinall and Avery drive everything along and then there are the vocals.  Antony Ellis has a superb rock voice.  On top of all this they all look like rock stars and what you get in their recordings is what you get live, plus the hurricane that is Ellis when he’s on stage, a real force of nature.


Having seen these guys at Steelhouse in 2015, and a few times since, I still feel the break they got being signed by Frontiers is the one they need.  Being label mates with other bands such as Inglorious and Revolution Saints could see these boys make it to the big time and deservedly so.



Anyway, to the music.  It’s an 11 track Bigfest of all things Bigfoot.  A wide variety of tracks from uptempo rock to slow tracks make this a joy to listen to for any old fashioned rock fans and the bands’ diehard supporters (Bigfooters).   The tracks frequently vary in tempo but this doesn’t detract from the unique sound.  When (not if) these tracks get on the radio you’ll be quickly converted to believe in Bigfoot, however, Freak Shows ending is going to catch a number of DJs if they’re not awake. 


A wide variety of musical influences are shown throughout and unusually in I dare you there is a reggae section at the breakdown before going back to the rock style.  With the majority of the tracks running to 4-5 minutes you’re getting superb value for your money in quantity and quality. The mixing and mastering is outstandingly done by Justin Richards and Jon Astley, with all the music having its own space and no muddiness.


Whilst I like the whole album, my favourites are the two slower tracks, 'Forever Alone' and 'Yours' (the longest track on the album at over eight minutes with a James Bond Film tune feeling to it), with the former having the potential to be a classic along the lines of THAT damn Bryan Adams track and I could see both being included in a film soundtrack. 


All great stuff and well worth 9/10 in my books - and a place in my CD collection.


‘Bigfoot’ is released on Friday 13 October.


Bigfoot play an album launch show at Sound Control in Manchester on Saturday 14 October, before undertaking a short tour.


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